The Trouble with Time: too much or never enough

I imagine the trio that is Kerry, Erekat and Livni will be attracting quite a respectable following as they toil together down that long road now opening up in front of them.

Exactly how far they get along it remains to be seen. Previous travellers on the same path have found the way hard to navigate; the direction is often lost or it appears to be leading nowhere.

If a final destination can be reached, the one where peace turns into reality and is no longer just a dim and distant prospect, then a 65 year-old struggle for survival, recognition and justice will have come to an end.

But should this prove not to be the case, an outcome for which there is much precedent, a different timeline returns everyone to their familiar ‘default’ positions and so a new journey must begin all over again. These same three persons may yet take part in another such venture but only time will tell. And Mr. Kerry, it should be noted, has indicated that this commodity might very soon be in short supply.

If so, what then is to be done?

One solution requires that Time has to stop. Or be greatly slowed down so that new avenues can still be explored, old ones re-examined, other methods tried and greater risks taken.

This could slow things down to such an extent that a form of peace actually comes into being well before negotiations themselves are able to produce a more definitive result. Peace, of a sort, then becomes the ‘default’ position until Kerry, Erekat, Livni or whoever can agree on the final version. Which, it must be hoped, time will give them. Sometime.

About the Author
Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .