The Truth about Being a Masa Participant

Every masa participant has their own story to tell. Why they came, if they are working/studying/interning, if they are here alone or came to see family, even if they came to Israel to take some time off from their home country, each journey is unique. Whether you’re a soon-to-be participant, are currently on a program or are an alumni of masa you will be able to relate to these truths.

You’ll get skills for the future

Israel is the start up nation, and it didn’t get that distinction from nowhere.In fact, the tech industry in Israel provides 18% of the country’s GDP. Coming to Israel for the purpose of learning a new skill is a great way to tap into fields you didn’t even know existed. Not only will you be able to enhance your personal journey, but with courses such as Elevation Academy’s digital marketing course, you can also invest in your professional journey. With this course, you’ll learn all you need to know about online marketing in a short time. There are many other programs that work in a similar context – simply find the field that suits you.

By working, interning and studying in Israel, you can make and nurture connections while learning about a field that is highly relevant, both within Israel and abroad. In fact, many masa alumni have been hired by the companies that they interned for on their masa internships.

You’ll develop your interpersonal skills

Depending on the length of your program, you’ll get to know the people in your program very well. Living together, working/studying together, exploring Israel together all means that you will become fast friends with the people you are surrounded by. Whether you expose yourself to the Israelis surrounding you or make a close group of friends with other participants on your program, you have the opportunity to interact with all sorts of new people.

Living in Israel provides you with so many great opportunities to meet international people and meet people that can really influence your perspective. So go out and explore, find your own routine and meet people. A great way to stay up to date on current event in Tel Aviv specifically is the Facebook group Secret Tel Aviv. Great for finding people with common interests, you’ll also have access to commonly asked questions for people that are new to Israel.

You’ll start expressing yourself in Hebrew words

Yalla, nu! There are some words that just don’t translate to English, and before you know it you’ll be teaching all of your friends back home the meaning of “sababa.” Whether or not you already know a little (or a lot) of Hebrew, you’ll find some Hebrew words creeping into your everyday vernacular. Embrace and practice it — Israel is the only country in the world where Hebrew is a dominant language so taking advantage of the opportunity to learn is fun and useful.

Sure, you might come across as a bit of a tool if you go back to your home country and thrown in some Hebrew words to your native language. But Hebrew is a tough language to get a handle on, so you should get all the use that you can.

You will get to know yourself in a new way

Living in a new culture, seeping up new customs, hearing different languages, meeting all sorts of new people, learning and working – they all teach you brand new things about life, but also about who you are as a person. You may see that you are more independent than you ever realized. You may find a new passion that was hiding, may fall in love with a new culture and even conneco part of that you didn’t know existed.

The best part about getting to see a new side of yourself is that this knowledge is something that you will always have, regardless of where you go and what you do after your program ends. The things that you learn about yourself will remain constant and will become a lifelong souvenir from your time spent living abroad.

You’ll always have two homes

The most magical part of coming to live in Israel is the fact that you are immediately adopted into a family of strangers that jump at a chance to help you. Whether you leave after your program ends, stay a bit longer or even decide to make aliyah, Israel will always have a special place in your heart.

I can personally say that going on my masa program truly changed my life in a way that I never thought would be possible. I am a completely different person than I was 4 years ago and it’s thanks to my time in Israel that I have had the opportunity to explore a new world. So the ultimate truth about masa programs is this: it will be the best experience of your life.

About the Author
A native Texan, Kira made aliyah in 2013 and currently lives in Tel Aviv. A chocoholic, outdoor enthusiast and tech junkie, Kira loves writing. You will often find her outdoors with a good book in hand.