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The Truth Does Not Matter

The headline is not from Nazi Germany during the 1930s.  It is the current motto of the flawed masses of the younger generations. The title and essence of this article is derived from the quote by Paul Watson, “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe.”

Many of the younger generations draw their ‘facts’ and ‘news’ from the various clever ‘tainted’ agenda driven unsubstantiated and unchecked internet sources. The aim of these media ‘news outlets’ is to sway public opinion by any media means possible.

These manipulations are designed to bring down our democratic free societies and turn the general population into an indoctrinated obedient army of un-questioning Orwellian soldiers. Amy Goodman’s quote, “People who are against hate are not a fringe minority, but are a silenced majority, silenced by the corporate media” epitomizes this agenda.

The current line of conforming as one society is very reminiscent Nazi-like dictatorships. A society in which there are no deviating contentions from the party line is weapon of evil oppressive regimes.

Currently, it seems we have a society in which there is little to no individualism, limited freedom of expression, or  marginalized plurality of thought. Conformity, combined with blind obedience is the de facto rule of today. The ‘progressive’ unruly masses that gather in our streets are now prevalent in our society.  People of the silent majority are afraid to express their opinions publicly for fear of retribution.

A society that is lawless and or without any order or consequences goes against our most treasured fundamental democratic laws.  We must protect our freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and our freedom of free expression.

The democratic founding fibers of our society seem mostly irrelevant.  The overwhelming silent majority keeps silent in the face of existential violations committed by a relatively sliver of our population in which unruly thugs dominate society. This current zeitgeist mirrors the reality of the 1930’s in Germany.  Most of us should know the horrific consequences of continuing to be silent. Silence only encourages the enemy we have within to further irradicate and destroy our free society. To be silent is to give tacit approval.

Perhaps the most blatant example of this modern-day racism and revisionism, as well as complete denial of actual recorded history, is the current case concerning Israel. Mobs across the globe, and many demonstrators on U.S campuses march in the streets to the toon, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”  Never mind the fact that most of these protestors and students have no idea what river or what sea they are screaming about. As we have witnessed, when interviewed, those that espouse such dribble have no clue about any of the historical facts regarding the Middle East and the fact that Jews are the indigenous people of the land of Israel.

They are not aware that there was never and independent state of Palestine, or what the term Palestine means. The original definition of Palestinians actually means ‘white colonialists’ invaders who invaded Israel from Europe. They were seaworthy people who came from the Aegean Sea area, from Greece and or, the former Yugoslavia. The Palestinians invaded the Jewish land of Israel and occupied a strip of land which contained five main cities: Ashkelon, Gaza, Ashdod, Akron, and Gath. However, the Palestinians were finally defeated by the Babylonians and driven back to Europe, their homeland. The last time we hear about the Palestinians is in the year 604 BCE. Like many ancient people, these Palestinians  no longer exist as they assimilated into other groups and cultures of their European origins.

The current demonstrators who are at times, very violent, refuse to acknowledge history or the physical evidence of the indigenous Jews of the land. Most ominous, they refuse to recognize the mutilations, horrific murders, mass rapes of women, girls, babies and men perpetrated by Hamas and Gazans on October 7th. They ignore the fact that Gaza has not been occupied by Israel since 2005. Since then, they have been and are ruled by the terrorist organization Hamas, who they elected to have control over Gaza.

The massive violations of fundamental human rights by Hamas and the list of gruesome transgressions of the worst kind continues. The common denominator for all those who blindly support Hamas is hatred of Jews.  Many countries who are members of the UN are guilty of the very same ancient hate. It has been substantiated that actual UN staff partook in the war crimes on October 7th. The UN is unfit to serve humanity and must be dissolved for propagating hate and racism against the only Jewish state on our planet. Martin Luther King brilliantly stated, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” He also stated, “Israel’s right to exist as a state is incontestable.”

It is time to take the offensive in this existential war for the survival of the Western World. Education is key.  It is time to dispel, once and for all, the current mantra, “The truth does not matter, what matters is what we believe”. The overwhelming silent majority must no longer remain silent.  To be silent in the face of catastrophic wrongdoings is to be an accomplice.

Perhaps Mokokoma Mokhonoana states it most eloquently.  “Most people believe most of the things they believe only because they believe that most people believe them.”

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