Ron Diller

The Ugly Truth

As I have written before, the hatred toward Jews/Israelis among Arabs living in Gaza and within the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority area is so embedded in their minds since birth, who even knows that we can ever overcome this sick demented mind set.

They educate their youth believing that Israel is a myth that we stole their land. Their history begins in and around 1948 and is filled with lies that have nothing to do with reality or facts. But living in a dogmatic society under their leadership adhering to their maniac beliefs leaves little room for change down the road.

As you can see from recent polls, almost three-fourths (72%) of all Palestinians justify the attack by Hamas on October 7 and 63% of Palestinians believe that the way to realize their national aspirations is via an armed struggle. In another poll, Palestinian society affirms that only 10% of them believe that Hamas committed war crimes and 60% of Palestinians prefer to see Hamas rule the Strip, compared to only 7% who would like to see Mahmoud Abbas.

These results speak volumes. Once this war is concluded, Israel must go back to the drawing board and retake all security controls away from the Palestinian Authority who have proven ineffective and aligned with the “hate Israel” model.

We are trading terrorists with blood on their hands in a 3:1 ratio for one innocent hostage. Unfortunately, we blew it and are now backed in the corner, so our options are limited and for this we are forced to pay this outrageous price.  Anyway, these terrorists are just a revolving door and while one goes out another ten come in. There’s no shortage of criminals on their side to fill our jails. Really, comparatively speaking, jail life is a better life for them – they get 3 meals a day, roof over their head and get to hang out with the terrorists’ buddies – all for free at the expense of taxpayers. Even in the US, when I was student visiting hardcore criminals at San Quentin Prison with a group of Jewish students, they openly confessed that once they get out, they’ll continue to perpetuate crime. Do you think these hardened terrorists have another path forward? No chance.

Israel is seeking the support of Israel’s Supreme Court to allow them to hang/kill the terrorists from Gaza using the same laws adopted by the Israeli courts allowing the hanging of Adolph Eichman. Will this stop or impede them from their onslaught of future attacks against us? No. Martyrdom is omnipresent. No question, they deserve this punishment for their unspeakable cruelty for how they killed innocent Israelis. Hanging these terrorists is a form of justice but undoubtedly, this will not solve the underlying problem. These murderous cowards will likely use this as a great PR piece to shame our country where we end up as the losers and the terrorists are the winners portrayed as the poor victim.

Israel must complete their military goals and rid Hamas from Gaza. It’s unfathomable to think you can remove the Hamas movement but certainly, it’s possible to remove them from Gaza to assert tight security controls to never allow them to fire rockets or conduct other acts of terror against us. Iran, Turkey, Quatar, Yemen and the like would welcome Sinwar and other Hamas leaders. Any semblance of a win for Hamas will only serve to inspire Hamas and other terrorists/extremists around the world. Once Israel takes down the Gaza Hamas unit will be a major blow to them. Israel is doing the dirty work for so many leaders around the world to put a stop to terror.

In this week’s Parasha, Shemos, the new Pharaoh (after Joseph’s death) hated the Jews. The Egyptians instead felt threatened by the Jews and harassed them through slavery and killing their male babies. This was the first form of antisemitism. It was their ultimate plan to annihilate the Jews just as the so called Palestinians want to do.

Even if we gave them East Jerusalem, Gaza, and most of Judea-Shomron is not a final settlement but I would be the steppingstone to our ultimate destruction.

Every day I pray for our country and the soldiers so should everyone. I recommend this one to protect our soldiers:  and Tehillim 121 and 130 to give them the extra the might of Hashem.

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Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.
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