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The UN farce continues

With over 200 people killed in another massacre in Syria this weekend,  yet again the UN is proving to be a tragic farce.The time has come to replace the organisation with an efficient international body able to prevent genocide worldwide.

On July 8th Iran was elected to a top post on the UN Arms Trade Treaty conference. That’s the equivalent of putting Bernard Madoff in charge of the UN’s investment policy. It also passed a resolution supporting Colonel Quaddafi’s human rights record.

On July 12, the Geneva-based human rights group UN Watch launched a campaign to prevent Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir, indicted for genocide by the International Criminal Court, from obtaining a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Meanwhile Olivier De Schutter is the UN Human Rights Council’s “Special Rapporteur on the right to food,” a post initiated by Cuba. He refuses to condemn Syria, but wants to investigate the U.S. and other Western countries.

The list of failed UN resolutions is endless.

In 1993 the UN past a resolution  creating a safe haven for the civilians of Srebrenica.  It failed to prevent the largest scale killings in Europe since the Second World War.

Rwanda Resolution 914 failed to prevent Genocide in Rwanda. In fact the U.N. Security Council reduced the size of its presence in the country.

The farce continues

Resolution 661 imposed by the Security Council after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait lead to an embargo on Iraq.  The resolution lead to the death from malnutrition of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

In the Darfur crisis, in which Arab Janjaweed militias, supported by the Sudanese government, committed repeated acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the indigenous population.The UN failed to stop the genocide.

The UN never recovered from the sex for food allegation by UN peace keepers in West Africa in 2011.

UN peace keepers traded food for sex

The UN has little trouble allowing the dictators of the world to speak against Israel. Moreover it passes a disproportionate number of anti Israel resolutions annually. More worrying is that it’s forces often aid terrorists when in a combat situation.

The genocide in Syria can take place because the UN will never stop it. What is the purpose of sending observers? Is their role to observe the genocide? Their mission was doomed to fail from the beginning. It is not a surprise that they were withdrawn when the situation became too dangerous.

Sky blue UN uniform

The uniform of UN forces is sky blue in color. It means they can disappear into daylight when you need them.

The time has come to turn our back on the UN and create a United Nations for world democracies.


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