The United Nation’s role in the world political arena

On February 20, 2024 the US vetoed an Algerian resolution on Gaza ceasefire. Recently (March 20) Russia, China and Algeria vetoed the US ceasefire proposal. Even if all UNSC members agree on a ceasefire proposal would it really matter?

In March 2003 despite UNSC disapproval George W Bush went ahead with “the coalition of the willing” to rid Saddam Hussain. Why can’t then Netanyahu do the same to remove Hamas?

Did Putin need UNSC approval to invade Ukraine? Would Xi Jinping need approval to invade Tiwan? If ‘only force rules and force is the first law’ then the UN has little relevance in the world political arena.

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Tohon is the author of five autobiographical anthologies: My Awakened Soul (2023), Emil Joseph Burcik (2021), Life’s Invisible Battles (2020), The Jihadi (2016), and The Landscape of a Mind (2015), New Generation Publishing, London.
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