The United States and Israel, Lies to Bolster Myths

It is no secret that those who hate Israel also hate the United States. Both countries are hated for no other reason than who we are and lies are used on the propaganda front. Israel was no more the result of a European invasion any more than the Dixiecrats were a temporary stopping ground before they all became Republicans.

As the story goes, the Dixiecrats came about in 1968 over a brief period of time and left the Democratic party for good. Their anti-Semitism and racism were brought to the Republicans, which forced all the Republicans out to become Democrats. Richard Nixon used his Southern Strategy to bring them into the fold, which forced out those who had been fighting for Civil Rights.

The Dixiecrats no longer existed in 1968 and not a single state which had been part of the brief movement voted for Richard Nixon. Their votes went to George Wallace, who ran under the American Independent party. He split the votes with Democrat, Herbert Humphrey. Nixon ended up with 301 Electoral votes and would not have mattered if the Democrats had been united.

The creation of the Dixiecrats came about in 1947, in response to the inroads Republicans had been making. All Civil Rights legislation had originated from the Republican party and the Democrats fought them every step of the way. They hated Republicans almost as much as they hated Jews and blacks.

Dixiecrats did not want to win the election, but purposely split the vote with the Democrats in the hopes of leading to a Republican victory in much the same way as what happened less than a century prior. Had Thomas Dewey beaten Harry Truman, they would have had justification to leave the Union. Truman’s victory is the reason the Dixiecrats were not able to continue down the path of separation.

Harry Truman fought his own party on several fronts, including welcoming Israel as a new nation. Roosevelt was an anti-Semite who left Truman surrounded by anti-Semites. By welcoming Israel, he risked losing his entire Cabinet.

In 1952, the states that had voted Dixiecrat just four years prior, all voted for Adlai Stevenson, who was the Democratic nominee. Dwight Eisenhower, the Republican candidate, swept most of the country and ended up with a landslide victory. Had the Dixiecrats become Republicans, as is so often stated as fact, why did they not vote Republican the following election year?

One of the first things Woodrow Wilson did when he took office in 1913 was to bring about segregation, which remained in place until Eisenhower took office. Regardless of two World Wars that took place during that time, segregation did not come to an end. Every racist and anti-Semitic action Wilson took, the Democrats continued.

Why is 1968 used in place of 1948? If they do not lie about when the Dixiecrats existed, it becomes more difficult to mention Nixon. Twenty years is a long time for continual voting of Democrats, and no one could ever make the claim the Dixiecrats all became Republicans. They all went back to being Democrats and continued to hamper the efforts being made to continue the Civil Rights movement.

In 1968, the Republican managed to push through Civil Rights Act that then President Johnson signed into law for political expediency. He was a known anti-Semite and racist and had a long history of supporting segregation. Not a single southern Democrat in United States House and Senate voted for the Civil Rights Act. Almost every Republican in both Houses voted in favor of it and without their support, it never would have passed.

1968 was also the year the Democrats held their convention in Chicago. Then Democratic Mayor Richard Daley, commanded the police stop a peaceful protest by any means. Dogs and firehoses were unleashed on those protesting the racist policies of the Democratic party. Then Governor of IL, Otto Kerner, Jr. was a Democrat who used the National Guard to assist with the violence that followed.

1968 was also the year the George Wallace ran under the American Independent party. They were motivated by the same things as the Dixiecrats were, including staunch anti-Semitism. This was the year they succeeded in splitting the vote with Democrats and getting a Republican elected, but could not manage to gain the support to form their own nation.

In 1972, Nixon swept most of the nation due to the weakness of the Democratic nominee, George McGovern. McGovern only took MA and Washington, D.C. Had Nixon been focusing on changing the Republican party to what the Democrats were, he would not have won every Republican stronghold in the Union.

In 1976, those same states who voted for George Wallace, voted for Jimmy Carter, who was the Democratic nominee. The Republican candidate was Gerald Ford, who did not carry a single southern state. Had Nixon given a new home to the racists within the Republican party, why did they vote for Carter?

The Democratic party continues to be home to anti-Semites. They tolerate Jews for political expediency, but they do not support Israel. Joe Lieberman was a lifetime Democrat who was Al Gore’s running mate. His support for Israel forced him out of the Democratic party, since anyone who does not toe the Democrat anti-Semitic line can be tolerated.

When Democratic members of Congress spouted their anti-Semitic rants, the United States House, which is controlled by the Democrats, could not bring about anything to show anti-Semitism within their ranks is not something to be tolerated. Representatives Omar and Tlaib have never had a single committee removed from them. Lieberman supported Israel and was forced out of the Democratic party.

Anti-Semites use lies to spin the truth away in the hopes it never sees the light of day. Facts prove them wrong every time and the lies about the Dixiecrats becoming Republicans is no different. Lies cannot hide the actions of anti-Semites, which is the reason anti-Semitism is tolerated, but support for Israel is not.

About the Author
Bob Ryan is a science-fiction author and believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
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