‘The Untied State of America’


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My passport reads the United States of America. But after the attack on the US Capitol Building, I do not feel those words on my passport accurately reflect reality. It now seems that the word describing the relationship each state within the US has with one another is “untied” rather than “united”.

Even the definition of these two words makes my point-



joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings.


 to become loosened or unbound

There was a time when—

All Americans had pride in their flag and their country — but not anymore.

ALL Congressmen and Congresswomen were UNITED in their support for America and ALL its people — but not anymore.

ALL Congressmen and Congresswomen were UNITED in their support for Israel and ALL its people — but not anymore.

ALL Congressmen and Congresswomen were UNITED in their support for the police and military — but not anymore.

Who Was Responsible For Introducing Those Ideas Into The US Congress?

I have an excellent idea which group of lawmakers came up with such nonsense. And I am positive you know to whom I am referring.

The sad thing is that they remain in Congress and not once has their Party demanded an investigation into any one of them.

 Defunding The Police

The abovementioned lawmakers continue to support defunding the police.

I will repeat again what I have said many times before — the Torah demands that we must have a viable police presence in our towns and cities.

Of even greater importance, is that this must hold true for places that function as the center of Government activity. In the US, the Capitol Building ranks at or very near the top.

The latest news reports say that six people lost their lives during the unrest. Two of the victims were policemen, and at least one woman served in the military for many years.

My condolences go to all those victims killed.

We should all continue to appreciate the role the police and first responders play defending our cities and providing much needed care and support at this very challenging time.

The COVID Vaccine And Israel

Israel has done an excellent job ensuring that all its citizens receive the vaccine. I can vouch for the speed in which medical funds known as Macabbe, Muchedet, Leumit and Clalit worked to ensure all its members will be receiving their two injections.

As senior citizens, my wife and I were among the first to receive our initial shots. This Thursday, we are scheduled to be vaccinated for the second time. Most of our family has also had their initial shots.

My heart goes out to the millions of people overseas who have not yet received their first vaccination. Of course, the biggest shock is to see the millions of Americans who are facing uncertainty as the number of COVID cases continues to skyrocket and they still have not been able to receive their first shot.

President-elect Biden promises he will do a better job than President Trump. But it seems that is something each state is responsible for and therefore this will be one of Biden’s first major tests as President.

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