The war in Ukraine and Israel

Israel has been, once again, criticized, this time by the Ukrainian government, for “not doing enough” to help Ukraine. Some of this criticism has been particularly acerbic and misleading, and was repeated in the social media by people who are not particularly fans of Israel.

Israel is in the Middle East, not in Europe. Israel, a country the size of the small state of New Jersey, has taken more Ukrainian refugees per capita than any other country not bordering Ukraine, including the US. Israel set up a field hospital inside Ukraine complete with Israeli medical staff and facilities – from X-rays equipment to surgeries and a pediatric department – to attend the immediate needs of Ukrainians internally displaced by the war. This field hospital has already treated several thousand patients, including a baby born in the hospital.

Israel is in the Middle East. It has a neighbor, Iran – that is 75 times the size of Israel – that openly proclaims its objective to eliminate Israel from the map of the Earth. Iran has an advanced program to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to deliver them. In the meantime, Iran arms Hamas, in the Gaza strip, and Hezbollah, in Lebanon, with tens of thousands of missiles pointing to Israel (and actually fired against Israel’s civilian populations quite frequently). The Israel’s government main job – for which it was elected – is to defend its citizens.

Since Zelensky’s election as Ukraine’s president in 2019, there have been 30 votes in the UN General Assembly regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. Ukraine voted against Israel 23 times and abstained 7 times. Ukraine has not voted with Israel even once.

I have updated my book “Boycott of Israel is Wrong: How to fight it” to include a pair of essays about the war in Ukraine. The new edition of my book can be downloaded for free at the ResearchGate website:

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You can get a detailed account of the voting pattern of Ukraine related to the Arab-Israeli conflict during years 2019-2022 at:


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