The West’s Pro-Palestinian Obligation

Any person who claims, publicly or privately, to value human life, freedom, truth, equality, self-determination or any other human rights claim must stand in support of the Palestinian people.

As shown by the Jerusalem Institute of Justice’s research the Palestinians’ basic human rights are violated daily, their children are indoctrinated and senselessly murdered. Palestinian women are left in danger of death at family members’ hands because of assault or perceived misconduct. The Palestinian lives in poverty under the thumb of an elitist and extravagantly wealthy governing body. As a people the Palestinians represent the West’s tolerance of human rights abuses.

Gaza is under the control of Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization under the leadership of Khaled Mashaal: billionaire amidst a sea of poverty. Hamas during the 2014 50-Day Gaza War carried out missile attacks on its own people, used children to dig terror tunnels into Israel, many of those children died. This, the same organization involved in the trafficking of African refugees, has killed Palestinians suspected of working with Israel, without the benefit of free and fair trial. Palestinian children grow up indoctrinated and watching violence endorsing, anti-Semitic televisions shows: Barney with bloodlust. Rather than touting kindness these children’s shows teach songs written upon the premise wiping Jews from the face of the earth would be a global positive.

All people should be allowed basic freedoms and self-determination. All people should have the opportunity to live without fear their governing body will kill them simply for disagreeing on policy. Every person who espouses a positive human rights standpoint must stand in unanimity with the Palestinian because the Palestinian is under the authority of leadership that ignores basic human rights.

The Israel Foreign Ministry’s report on the 2014 50-Day Gaza War shows that while Hamas was firing rockets on both Israelis and Palestinians during the conflict, Israel was spreading leaflets letting Palestinians know their neighborhood area would be fired on. While Hamas was forcing people to remain in civilian buildings their rockets were being kept and launched from, Israel was sending text messages warning Palestinians in those buildings they needed to leave. While Hamas was using children to dig tunnels into Israel, so their terrorists could dress in Israel Defense Force uniforms and slaughter Israelis and then while subsequently those same children Hamas used to dig terror tunnels died, Israel was “knocking-on-the-roofs” of those buildings which were going to be fired upon to encourage civilians to leave. While Hamas was killing its own Israel was sacrificing its strategic advantage in order to preserve as many lives as possible.

Several times over Israel has offered land to the Palestinian authority in hope of peace. Several times over Palestine has said “No.” Several times over the Palestinian Authority has refused to settle for anything less than all of Israel’s land.

While Israel has bartered for peace, Palestine has fired rockets into Israel. While Israel has defended and protected the rights of Palestinian people the governments of Palestine have oppressed, persecuted and murdered their own people.

So any person who claims to care about the rights and livelihood of the Palestinian people must find oneself opposed to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. To deny the just actor, Israel, support is to propagate the actions of the unjust actor, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

Every human rights activist, every pursuant of social justice, every moral person must defend the cause of Israel. To refuse to act on behalf of Israel is the condemnation of oneself to being culpable for the propagation of injustice and human rights abuses. To turn a blind eye to the subjugation and practice of actions antithetical to Western ideals of freedom, liberty and equality is to deny those very values, which ensure your freedom to speak out.

Because I stand for justice I stand with the state of Israel. Because I stand for freedom I stand opposed to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Because you value liberty, you should too.

About the Author
Maria is a Journalism and Public Communications student at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She is also a Fellow with the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America.
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