Leadership and the widest audience

“However, if we will be unfortunate and there will be no progress, I definitely see that we will replace the government and quicker than people project,” he said. “He (Netanyahu) has to decide if he is a leader or a politician.”                   Isaac Herzog.                                           Times of Israel: January 21, 2014

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‘To be or not to be, that is the question’ and the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ never seem to make life any easier when deciding to be a ‘leader or a politician.’

To a large extent, both options have some dependency on each other. A leader these days cannot command the power he needs without the presence of some political machine behind him. And that machine may well take fright and disown him if certain leadership decisions require too much of a sacrifice for its collective conscience or credibility to absorb.

The result in the end is often one of fudge and vacillation, politicians caught between a desire not to rock the boat, to continue on much the same path as before and a realisation that things need to change radically if any real or beneficial progress is ever to be made.

The tendency for politicians in these cases is to defer the matter, to ride out the storm in the hope that tomorrow will bring some distraction or relief and new vistas will open up or, better still, old ones close down.

One approach and quite possibly the best move for all concerned may be to outsource certain intractable problems, thereby allowing someone or something else to deal with them in a manner far more acceptable to the widest audience there is ever likely to be.


This is a call for everyone to become a leader and make the choices that only real leaders can handle. Or must it all be deferred yet again and left for another day, another year and, perhaps, another generation?



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