The world is NOT silent on anti-Semitism!

Israel alllllways complains the world is against them.  Jews alllllways complain there is anti-Semitism.  Yes yes – we all know the story, but tonight – I say that the world doesn’t remain silent on it at all.  In fact, they have shown they take action whenever these anti-Semitic events occur.  But you know, Jews are a bit paranoid, aren’t they?  I mean, it’s not like anti-Semitism refers to them, does it?

Because even the word anti-Semitism doesn’t actually mean Jews.  The Oxford dictionary defines anti-Semitism as a “hostility to or prejudice against Jews,” but they didn’t really mean Jews specifically even though they… kind of hinted at Jews…in the… definition…   Of course, on social media, there are many qualified professors and noble laureates, who comment on this.  They clearly point out that being anti-Semitic actually means being against the people who originated from the Near East, like the Mandaean people.  So in 1879, when German journalist Wilhelm Marr coined the phrase “Anti-Semitism” in his publication “The Way to Victory of Germanicism over Judaism”, he didn’t actually mean Jews… even though he… said Jews… he really meant the Mandaean people.  So the “League for Anti-Semitism” that was founded shortly thereafter wasn’t really against Jews… despite them… only mentioning… Jews… in their works and stuff.

But surely by now, everyone knows that the term anti-Semitism has always actually meant a “hostility to or prejudice against Mandaeans.”

But let’s just say that anti-Semitism does exist and it does mean Jews, then I say the world is NOT silent on it.  For instance, when there was a song released about killing Jewish babies with cars – there was a massive worldwide outcry!  The UN condemned it, didn’t they?  The Europeans condemned it, didn’t they?

Oh – they didn’t?  Well…that’s because WORDS are ineffective.  We need action!  And that’s why to combat this hatred, the EU states will recognize the state of Palestine!  And they’ll run commercials on official Palestinian tv – during the kids shows that call for the murder of Israelis.  That’s right – that’ll show those anti-Semites that the world will not ignore anti-Semitism.  Because it’s a moral world.  A world that recognises injustice and acts to rectify it.

When the rabbis were hacked to death in a Jerusalem synagogue while praying, the reaction was swift and decisive. CNN immediately reported the “deadly attack on Jerusalem mosque”.   What mettle they showed to not remain silent.  And while the bodies of the Rabbis were being lowered into the ground, Spain bravely chose NOT to remain silent, and used that moment to recognize the state of Palestine!  What courage!

And brave Irish senator Averil Power was not going to be held to silence on anti-Semitism as she enthusiastically met with a representative of Neturei Karta – a tiny Jewish religious group who oppose the existence of Israel – which just happened to be her view!  What a co-incidence!

Then there’s Iran who quite regularly call Israel “a cancerous tumour” and threaten to wipe it off the earth, and the world has most definitely not remained silent in response.  They have taken strong and firm action by negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program, in the hopes that maybe if they’re nice and offer them tasty biscuits, Iran might not hurt them too much when they ready their missiles.  But refusing to let the scourge of anti-Semitism grow further, they followed this up just the other day by passing a UN resolution condemning Israel for its nuclear program, which doesn’t officially exist anyway.  So take that anti-Semitism!  A great double blow.

Or how about when a pigs head was placed in the kosher section of a supermarket in South Africa, a massive outcry followed and the world yelled out in disgust.  How could they do this… to a pig’s head?  But South Africa has fought back against this anti-Semitism, by warmly welcoming Palestinian leader (of what I’m not sure) Mahmoud Abbas, another expert on anti-Semitism, and stated quite strongly that Israel is defying the world and working against a two state solution, which they both want:  Jordan and Palestine.  So in your face, anti-Semitism!

And yes, we all know that the UN condemns Israel all the time.  But luckily, the UN as a representative of the world in all its glory, has fought back against this by making Israel the only country in the world that cannot serve on the UN Security Council.  In a major blow against anti-Semitism they have ensured that Israel will not be in a position where they would sit next to Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia – countries that can serve on the Security Council.  So another victory notched up against the anti-Semites.

By the way, if any people reading this think I’m messing around with semantics when it comes to the terms Jews and Israel, I deny it emphatically.  I am not anti-Semantic in any way, shape or form!

So you see, when it comes to anti-Semitism, the world is most definitely NOT silent.  As we hear more and more incidents involving attacks on Jews or Israel, the world is reacting decisively to these occurrences by taking concrete actions… just maybe, not in the way you were thinking.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.