The Year 2016 and my successful Journey towards Israel

It was the month of January 2016 when I decided to speak up in public through my writing about what I gained throughout the past two years’ research on the Israel and Palestine conflict. My first article was published through the Jerusalem Post newspaper in January 2016 and my journey towards Israel began.

From the time of Gaza War 2014 to January 2016, I have left and lost many things and people including my close friends and relatives as I have gone on my journey. However, the Year 2016 was the year of reward for my struggle and patience which I did throughout last two years. For these achievements, I am very thankful to my Lord who gave me strength to speak up, patience to tolerate peoples’ attitudes and enough knowledge to accept the reality and truth.  I will never ever forget the special person in my life who stood firm with me, side by side, throughout my whole situation and encouraged me to speak the truth even if I risk my life.  That is my beloved, my Farah Qureshi. Thank you very much.

I am always under debt of the Jewish lady with a beautiful heart, Eli Bar-On, who showed me the right path and invited me to the door of knowledge and asked, “Noor, open the door and enter, you will see the light of truth and embrace it,” which I did. Alhamdulillah.

These two beautiful ladies (my wife and my Jewish sister) changed my life completely. I honour my every success throughout my entire life to these respectable ladies. G-d Bless You both.

There is a man of a charismatic personality, Paul Charney, the Chairman of the Zionist Federation-UK, who always remained my inspiration and guide. He always helped and advised me beyond his limited resources. Thank you very much Paul.  I always appreciate the ZF team, Arieh Miller, Executive Director the Zionist Federation, Steve Winston, Chris Lawes and other team members who were always ready to help me whenever I needed them. Thanks gentlemen.

I established my social media group, “Peace, Love and Humanity,” with the help of Nathan Adam, a trustworthy Pakistani friend, which now hit over 5,000 members which include writers, authors, politicians, academics, head of Israeli organisations, IDF officers, Pakistani intellectuals, journalists, Army men, poets, media owners and many more intelligent personalities. I provided comprehensive education bases of coexistence and disclosed the terrorism and its roots. My administration team of the group were always ready to provide the best and neutral knowledge to members to whomever had any concerns of the Israel Palestine conflict.

I especially thank Meirav Shaharabani and Mery Nickey (intelligent Jewish ladies) for their day and nights volunteering efforts to bring the group on the level where everyone come and learn something positive. I could have not achieved my goal without these two adorable ladies. Thanks, a lot.

There are so many Muslims, especially Pakistanis who changed their minds and accepted Israelis and their right to exist through reading and discussing in the group and this credit goes to Meirav, Mery and Nabil Haalki (An Arab Israel).

I appreciate the courage to those in Pakistan, UK and Europe based Muslims who stood with me in my peaceful mission and I will always remain thankful to them including Umar Aftab Shaikh, Ali Raza Bhatti, Shahzad Panwhar, Sean Arp (US), Navaid Sayyid (US), DK Mir, Maulana Khalil Rehman(Malaysia), Farukh Shaikh (UK), Waqas Sarwar (Norway), Sharif Loonat (UK), Tahir Mahmood (Norway), Mik Juma (Columbia), Mazon Baig, Gul Panah, Mahjabeen Balauch, Jim Bhutto (UK), Saima Nazeer, Zia Ullah (KSA), Zia ul Haq, Ruby Akhtar (Pakistani Jewish in the UK) and hundreds more good people who realised the truth.

I am especially thankful to Pakistani journalists (In Pakistan and in the UK) who supported me and my project including Irfan Malik (Pakistan), Raja Arshad (Pakistan), Syed Raza (UK), Farid Qureshi (UK), Wadood Mushtaq Dhariwal (UK) and Adnan Khan (UK).

It would be dishonesty if I don’t mention the name of an intellectual, great author and my research fellow Mr Musa Khan Jalalzai who authored more than 100 books in his life and I contributed in his work to publish the famous book, “The Prospect of Nuclear Jihad in Pakistan”. Him and I are going to author one more shocking book about ISIS in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the year of 2017 (Currently under publishing). My Jalalzai is an Afghan Pathan of the Jewish decent. I proud of him as my friend and research fellow. Thank you, sir.

In the year of 2016, I met many new Jewish and non-Jewish intellectuals, researchers and professionals including Mendi Safadi (Ex Advisor of PM Israel), Mudar Zahran (Jordanian Opposition Leader), David Collier, David Stone, Dr Denis MacEoin, Paul Randall, Joshua Leff, Man Hazing, Tamir Oren (StandWithUs), Daniel Burger (Megan David), Sammi and Vicci (GFI), Nigel Goodrich (Shalom Festival), Raymond Solomon, Karen Solomon and Oliver Gardner (ZCC), Micheline Brannan, Leslie Ann Rose, Yochy Davis, Dalia Hajioff and Omar Rahman Khurshid.

There are thousands of Israelis and Pakistani who motivated and encouraged me and shared my articles throughout social media including Esther Chayes, Zara Israel, Gaynor Bond, Emet Shine, Judy Weleminsky, Mason Galg, Shmuel Aharon Kam, Forest Rain, Sarit Shatz, Sigal Ben David, Elaine Black, Eva Lowe, Debra Corsa, Sharon Branagan Green and Rosalind Addley and many others. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, you are truly my inspiration.

My especial greetings and thanks to a good friend of mine, a US Veteran and an author Mr Mitchell Gray who always encouraged me through his inspiring words. I am really proud of him as a best friend. God Bless You, sir.

I must mention the name of my younger sister Gull Arslan, who called me a few weeks before the Christmas and asked so many questions regarding this conflict and my objectives. After a long discussion with her on the Israel issue religiously and politically, she finally satisfied and encouraged me to move forward as she stands with me. Thank you very much my loving sister.

At the end, I will mention my year’s educational projects.


I established my educational organisation, Pakistan Israel Alliance (PIA)

Honourary Membership:

I have been presented with a honourary membership of the Zionist Federation UK.

My articles:

15 Articles at the Times of Israel

8 Articles at Jerusalem Online

5 Articles at the Great Middle East

1 Article at the Jerusalem Post

1 Article at Israel Newsdesk (Hebrew)

1 Article at Rabwah Times (Urdu)

My Interviews:

2 Interviews at the Times of Israel

1 Interview at the Jerusalem Online

1 Interview at Israel Rising

1 Interview at Israel Seen

1 Interview at Walla News (Hebrew)

1 Interview at Rabwah Times (Urdu)

1 Interview at ZF Connect

1 Interview at the Jewish Telegraph

1 Interview at the Clarion Project

Public Speeches:

1 Speech at Manchester organised by the Zionist Central Council (ZCC)

1 Speech at Glasgow organised by the Glasgow Friends of Israel (GFI)

1 Speech at Aberdeen organised by the Shalom Festival

These were my 12 months’ educational projects which I presented to the Muslim world in relations to learn themselves and educate others.

Thank you very much for your support, motivation and inspiration throughput my journey towards Israel.


About the Author
Mr. Noor Dahri is the Founder and Executive Director of Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism- ITCT, a UK based Counter Islamist Terrorism Think Tank. Noor was born and raised in Pakistan. Noor Dahri has also worked with the London Police department for the last seven years. He has studied Forensics and Criminal Psychology from Oxford – UK and Counter Terrorism from International Institute for Counter Terrorism ICT- Israel. He is an author of "Terra Nullius: The Rebirth of a Land Without Peace"