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The year of cleansing

We live in an era in which the phenomenon transparency, in other words light, does remarkable things for our world. This phenomenon embodies the force of human responsibility, healing and redemption. Cases of inter-relational crime of all sorts come to the surface and get judged. These cases do not stay hidden and make the headlines, to prevent recurrence. This even happens in current Israel or in other places that contain ecosystems with mechanisms of power, shame, lies, manipulation, blackmail, taboos and doctrines, that are far from enlightened at all.

Though, the process of transparency could be stimulated. We still have a way to go, especially within closed-up communities. Thus, the mechanisms that do not serve anymore can be dismantled. Transparency may seem common sense in open and civil societies. This even causes impatience, mockery or nonchalance, which however, is an arrogant and dangerous attitude, because in many ecosystems, other rules still apply. Meanwhile, all communities complement society as an entity. There’s a growing accountability to guard the existence of all humans and an acceptance on a collective and sustainable level, to include us all.

We also live in an era in which people from all generations, backgrounds, nationalities, genders, sexes, belief systems and so on, seem to be aligned with a deeper sense of consciousness. Many work on themselves and manage what can be influenced within their abilities. Personal growth, empowerment and spirituality take center stage in the lives of many. This also goes for positive science for instance. Now, the difference between constructive versus destructive contributions to the whole is as old as Methuselah. However, the progress that is being booked, the aligned manner by which individuals are able to do that and the current stage of the world, obviously are new in the here and now.

Yet, with the issues on micro and macro level that we are facing these days, there’s no luxury of feeling comfortable. Hurt people, hurt people. Healed people, heal people. It does not matter what the context and level is. This means that focusing on yourself as an individual and not looking at the whole does not cut it. Looking at the collective, but sacrificing the individual, may be worse and something that happened far to often in history, leading to suffering and injustice that could have been prevented. It needs to be and – and. Transparency supports. It cleanses. What is put in the light cannot be hidden and can never be untrue. Transparency mirrors, teaches and dissolves to get to the beginning of the next phase of consciousness.

A new year is in sight. For me the year of the number one, seventy-eight and eighteen. A year in which my book Exodus from the lighthouse will be put in the world. A year in which I, as an individual will fully stand in the world, speak my truth and serve. A year in which I will do exactly what I love and will actively continue to work on my mission. It may sound glamorous and I may have a nice smile, but do not be fooled by representations or appearances. Calm on the surface, but paddling like mad underneath, like a swan when changing seasons. It is not even me who is at work, but a larger alchemy, which makes me as targeted as a bull, knowing the meaning of possibility and devoir. May 5778 be a year of deep cleansing and marvel for all.

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