There is no “cycle of violence” in Israel

There is no “cycle of violence” in Israel. There is instead an Islamic fundamentalist aggressor, identical to the one which at this moment is causing hundreds of thousands of deaths throughout the Middle East. An aggressor who hates the Jews, and whose orders to kill them is established in its charter, and who has kidnapped and killed three boys in cold-blood while singing joyously as can be heard in the terrible police’s tape recording.

If the Palestinian boy found Wednesday morning in the Jerusalem forest was killed by a group of Israeli criminals and racist psychopaths (which is still unproven at this time), this has nothing to do with the systematic and programmatic murder which has been perpetrated by Hamas for decades; an immense organization which has at hand an army, a significant stretch of land, Gaza, and access to funds.
If the Palestinian boy was killed by Jews from the extreme right, then undoubtedly they are murderers, but this has nothing to do either with Judaism, or with the fact, if things had happened in such a manner, that the responsibility belongs to the “settlers”, an insulted category of which the world just had the opportunity to witness the immense compassion, integrity, and dignity in the parents of the three murdered boys.The settlers are people who are living in the notorious Territories, like so many other good people who have, in the eyes of the world, the defect to believe that to accept the transfer of part of the places inhabited by Jews today, Israel is entitled to greater safety.

Let’s consider what would have been the consequences if Golan had been cleared: today it would be the place of the Assad’s murderer or it would belong to al-Qaeda monster. Let’s imagine if the Jordan Valley had been conceded: it would be in ISIS’ sights now, arriving to the border of the Mediterranean. What is needed, therefore, is a little common sense and no moral equivalence: it is not really the case.

About the Author
Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.