There Will Be Blood…

Two things I am certain will happen as a result of President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and in both the short and long run they will not be good for the Jews.

The first is that there will be innocent blood in the street. Not just of Jews, but of many different types of people because terrorism will increase with both targeted killings and indiscriminate killings. Ironically, the bloodshed will not be blamed on Donald Trump, whose ill-timed edict will signal open season on Jews, but on the victims themselves.

The second consequence of this edict will be further division of Jews themselves, as well as others,  into factions defending this action as a long overdue development and those thinking the price being paid is not worth the investment, either in the long or short run. It appears the only Jews and others really happy with this recognition and who are willing to sacrifice other people’s blood are the right wing observant and Armageddonists both of whom have Messianic visions of Donald Trump and account for a portion of his base.

Yes, Donald Trump will be keeping a campaign promise, but the downside and an unintended consequence will be the more spilling of innocent blood and further dividing the Jewish people which has always never been good for them and allowing the enemies of the Jews to once again have a scapegoat to blame for the world’s problems, perhaps fulfilling a dormant wish of Donald Trump’s Nazi sympathetic father, Fred Trump.

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Retired College Professor (Walden University and Penn State University), President Emeritus and Co-Founder Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Professional and Community Leader. Writer, Blogger, Academic Activist. Residing in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.
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