There Won’t Be Any Women to Hate

I shouldn’t be writing this. I should be working. But I can’t leave this unremarked any longer:

It doesn’t matter that Romney is pro-life. It doesn’t matter that Ryan co-sponsored the Forcible Rape Bill.

It doesn’t matter how either of them feel about women.

Right now, Israelis are being urged to pick up their gas masks.

And that should tell Americans something.

It should tell them that time has run out. It should tell them that Israel is no longer thinking that diplomacy can work. It should tell them that it will soon no longer matter how anyone feels about abortion, rape, or women, because if the American administration does nothing about Iran, Iran will first bomb Israel and then bomb America.

Just as Ahmadinejad has promised.

But for the record: that forcible rape bill got 251 BIPARTISAN votes. True, not too many Democrats voted for that bill, but 16 of them did. Why aren’t you looking at those 16?

For the record: Romney is not saying he will do away with Planned Parenthood. He only says he wants to cut federal spending. Reaganomics, don’t you know, making a comeback.

We didn’t like it back then. I can recall a battered women and children’s shelter in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, that got shut down when federal money got pulled. My mother was a volunteer at that shelter.

But America has to get its spending under control unless it really doesn’t care about its future generations. Care about abortion and women and gay rights all you want, but if you break the economy’s back for your grandchildren and great grandchildren, none of them will give a flying Ferguson about any of that.

For the record, Romney IS pro-life in his personal views. But he said it straight out: he is not going to impose those personal views on the American people. He will abide by the consensus which means CHOICE.

The bottom line is you can keep throwing mud at the Republicans; some of it is bound to stick. But eventually, it won’t matter worth a darn how any of them feel about women, including Todd Akin. Because soon there won’t be any women left.

Or men.

The clock is ticking. Israelis are picking up their gas masks. Everyone knows that Israeli intelligence is superb.

It is too late for diplomacy. It is too late to worry about gay rights, abortion, and women.

The only thing that matters now is stopping Iran.

And Obama is just not doing that. He’s too scared it will cost him the election. He’s living in La-La Land and worrying only about his own skin.

Soon it will not matter whether or not he won the election. Just like it won’t matter how anyone treats women.

Or gays.

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