Chaya Lev

There’s a new Jew in town and she’s known as Sukar Chum

Shalom everyone! My name is Chaya and I am coming to you live from our very own Land of Milk and Money (No, it’s not a typo — well, this time anyway). I am willing to share my breast cancer journey with you wonderful humans if you are willing to laugh and cry with me.  Breast cancer is a devastating and life-changing experience, one that affects millions of women around the world and, as I often say, one that I would not wish upon my worst enemy, if I had one. I found out that I was one of the lucky ones who won the breast cancer lottery, but I have refused to let that brief diagnosis end my life.

Imagine waking up one day and having a “routine” mammogram that instead turns into the first day of the battle for your life. A fight for which you were completely unprepared, and the only weapon that you had on hand was your smile and a handy bag of giggles. On this journey, I realized that a person only lives once and, after a few surgeries coupled with some chemotherapy and radiation, I decided to make my way home to Israel. I truly feel that breast cancer was my wake up call to do something new or as HaMorah Sheli would say: “Mashu Chadash” ( How’s that for one month in Ulpan?)

Anywho, before I give away all of my goodness on our first meeting, I just want to let you know that I made it through my fight with breast cancer and I want to share my (very loud) voice with those going through, or have loved ones who are suffering from this disease.  Let’s begin a journey together, where I will share my breast cancer experience as well as my experience as a new Israeli. (Let me add, on this journey, be careful of boob spillage because I am not ashamed to show you how amazing my doctor is.)

Cancer tried to kill me and my spirit and I’m living proof that it did not succeed. If you, or anyone that you know, is going through this experience, please know that I am here for you and we are going to laugh it away together.

About the Author
Breast cancer warrior with a desire to inspire. Join me on my journey as I explore the Land of Milk and Money (and NO, that is not a typo) as an Olah Chadisha that has been given a new lease on life.
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