There’s a time and place for Free Speech

As a United States Veteran who served in the American Army proudly and honorably for over 13 years is grateful for the Constitution our forefathers created that still applies today. The United States is 1 of the few countries that allow free speech to be a right for all citizens of the land. Even though it is a right for all, there are guidelines to be able to express at the right time and place.

A football player, from the San Fransico 49ers, Colin Kaepernick decided to manipulate the Constitution for his own agenda. During the United States National Anthem, a song that enters the heart of so many Americans. The reason being there is a verse which is never sung at games or at events that they “feel” supported slavery. In an excerpt from Snopes says differently;

“In fairness, it has also been argued that Key may have intended the phrase as a reference to the British Navy’s practice of impressment (kidnapping sailors and forcing them to fight in defense of the crown), or as a semi-metaphorical slap at the British invading force as a whole (which included a large number of mercenaries), though the latter line of thinking suggests an even stronger alternative theory — namely, that the word “hirelings” refers literally to mercenaries…”

Many professional athletes including Lebron James from the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major league Baseball (MLB) and players in the National Football League (NFL) are following Kaepernick in this disrespectful movement either by taking a knee or sitting down during the National Anthem.

President of the United States Donald Trump had his remarks on this issue, basically saying in his opinion that players who do not stand for the National Anthem should be fired and taken off the field. I absolutely agree with this 100 percent and here is why. Professional sports is not about the athletes, sure many become famous due to their skills and their abilities, but really it’s about the fans. The American people who come to these events, paying their hard earned money to enjoy family time with their loved ones. They didn’t come to see a protest they came to see a game. The United States flag and anthem mean so much because of the love people have for their country. Many people have family who is in the Military that has died in combat for the principles of which that flag stands for. Paying the ultimate sacrifice for people to have the freedom to express themselves with free speech. And quite frankly, POTUS has the right to say they should be fired because these leagues are professional organizations. In an example, when I served in the Army regulation states that a Soldier may not wear the uniform during political events. There are many reasons for that being professional is one because as a Soldier you are there for all Americans, no matter the party. The Same concept applies to a professional sports player, People come to see a game, not a protest. Shame on the owners of the NFL and other organizations who did not enforce standards of professionalism to their athletes.

I think the best option is for what the American people should do, is to start boycotting these games. These organizations should realize by now, that they are for the public and the players represent the organization. I also want to make it clear that every American supports the right to free speech, sure the players have a right to express themselves, not on and during the public’s hard-earned dime and time.

About the Author
David Weissman was born in New York and served in the US Army for 13 years, with two deployments to Afghanistan. He is now married with 3 daughters and is a free lance writer after making Aliyah to Israel.