David Turner

The unfinished final solution: Warning for the future

I sometimes feel like Chicken Little, viewed by the flock as warning of an imaginary threat. If only that were so. Certainly the lack of response I receive to my postings to TOI suggests a lack of interest, or even dismissal, still the warning is worth the making. The following is my response to one of 450 comments my recent blog on another Israeli publication, Foundations of antisemitism: anti-Judaism turns lethalreceived:

As you sometimes do, Philosopher, you wait until the end of the life of a particular discussion segment to raise a fundamental difference between us. Your recent comment, I believe, suggests that you are beginning to recognize where our differences actually lie.

A few days ago you insisted that “context” is all, and without including the immediate context of the Holocaust as you understand “its context,” which I take our context to include Germany’s murder campaign against the Sinti, Roma and Poles classified under Germany’s racial classification as untermenschen, sub-humans. You suggest that the campaign to murder “each and every Jew” could not be satisfactorily explained outside of that racial classification. My earlier response to you was that while I agree that “context” is everything, that from where I sit you fail to recognize that your context and mine have different referents.

You view the Holocaust within the stream of events immediately surrounding: Hitler, National Socialism, racism, etc. All valid and certainly worthy of study. But off-topic to my approach to the subject. My focus is not the Nazi Holocaust; that is history. My focus is the historical stream, ant-Judaism>antisemitism that provides context for a millennial Jewish Problem demanding not just a cognitive “solution,” which I assume the outcome of your enquiry, but a Final Solution as attempted in the 1940’s. Where your “context” is merely historical, a unique event in the past “suggesting” the possibility of a future recurrence, mine is dynamic, implying the a future and final Final Solution; where yours would understand the Holocaust in terms of Human Behavior my purpose is to isolate Jewish experience as the focus of interest. Where yours might lead to an understanding of Man’s inhumanity towards Man, certainly a laudable goal, mine is far less ambitious: how explain to the Jews that our future in the Diaspora will be the same as our past? How explain that the Holocaust as failed effort to achieve a bi-millennial solution to the Jewish Problem already contains within the eventual final solution?

From your reading of my intentions your definition of “the Christendom” holds the key to the solution. And I agree with you. So long as we Jews choose to live with our head in the mouth of the tiger we can expect the tiger to eventually close its mouth. But I also insist that we do not have to leave our head in that position just because we find it somehow comfortable and familiar. We can remove ourselves from the cage with the tiger! And that is what I refer to as a “Jewish Solution to Christendom’s Jewish Problem.”

You write, “If Holocaust had proved our survival as impossible, so how can this forum be about our survival – about the impossible?” And my response is that your question, even as stated, is its own answer. But if you suspend your subjective experience of “the Holocaust,” remove your personal reference point and allow yourself to see it within MY to your mind erroneous viewpoint, MY “context,” then not only will you recognize that your assumption regarding my position is that, “Holocaust had proved our survival as impossible” is not my position, but its exact opposite.

From my perspective, Philosopher, our blocking point in dialogue is that you cannot, or will not allow that an alternate context to your own is possible, that mine, even as author of this narrative, is not possible. The Holocaust in my narrative, Georges, represents warning. Properly understood within the context of 2000 years of historical process, if acted upon our Jewish collective, regardless how wide we open the definition of Who is a Jew, that the Jewish People can provide an as yet undefined Jewish Solution to Christendom’s Jewish Problem, a solution in which we provide for our own survival.

About the Author
David made aliya in 1960 and has been active in Jewish issues since. He was a regional director for JNF in New York, created JUDAC, Jews United to Defend the Auschwitz Cemetery during that controversy; at the request of Jonathan Pollard created and led Justice for the Pollards in 1989.