They’re shocked … Shocked

The Israeli media – mostly staffed by leftwing secular elitists – is beside itself today with the revelation that 40% of Europeans hold anti-Semitic views. And, it goes without saying, that their reflexive blame for this seemingly sudden phenomenon is the Jewish State and its stubborn refusal to see the European light.

In so doing, of course, these enlightened pundits are confusing cause an effect. For indeed it is not Israel’s behavior, and the security priorities of a majority of its – albeit benighted, illiterate, unworthy, backward, Levantine, fanatically religious, neo fascist – citizens that is prompting Europe and Europeans to become Jew haters. Au contraire, it is European Jew hatred that is inexorably pushing Israel and we Israelis to tack hard right, battening our hatches and doing what is necessary to protect ourselves from a menacing world disorder that is being piloted to oblivion by the European Union.

For it is only delusional secular leftist elitists – among whom there is a preponderance of Israelis with roots in Germany – who actually believe and actively promote the idea that post World Wart II Europe, Germany especially, had changed. Only the Eurocentric secular elite were ever convinced that expressions of regret for the Shoah were genuine, and any material reparations were truly heartfelt.

Several years ago a documentary film, ‘The Apartment’, explored the sick phenomenon of German Jews who fled to Palestine in the late 1930s. A majority of these ‘Yekkes’ were not motivated by Zionism, even less so by Judaism. They arrived to ‘Rehov Ben Yehuda Strasse’ in Tel Aviv distraught to find themselves among East European and Oriental Jews, and bewildered as to why they had not been invited to goose step into the Thousand Year Reich along with their gemutlich Aryan neighbors.

In this movie, a third generation yekke filmmaker discovers to his horror that his beloved Opa and Oma had – immediately with the end of the War – ­gone back to Deutschland again, and again and again and again, to spend vacations with their erstwhile buddies, a German couple the husband of which had served honorably as a concentration camp commandant.

Tragically – and with notable exceptions – this Deutschland uber alles DNA is significantly prevalent among the movers, shakers and what passes for thinkers among the extreme left here in Israel. From Yeshayahu Leibovich (although hardly secular) to Amos Shocken to Amira Hass to Avrahamn Burg; From Women in Black to the editorial room at Haaretz, from NIF to Peace Now, from Betselem to Machsom Watch the important role played by Israelis of German descent is out of all proportion to the population as a whole (even to the Ashkenazi population as a whole.)

Of course, for the rest of us, those whose DNA does not pine for the halcyon days of German enlightenment and the cafes of Weimar Berlin, the news that 40% of Europeans are Jew haters comes as no surprise. If anything, what surprises us is that only 40% of Europeans are Jew haters.

After all, there is absolutely no reason to believe that there was any change of heart regarding Jews following the Second World War. The Shoah and the War itself were two totally different projects. The rest of Europe may have celebrated the tactical allied victory over Germany. But this does not mean that it celebrated the suspension – and I use this word intentionally ­– of the extermination of world Jewry.

Countries like Poland, France and Holland may have been bitter foes of Hitler, but for them, the silver lining on the Nazi cloud, was the removal and extermination of their local Jewish compatriots. Yes, German occupation was an offense to their national pride, but at least the Germans were cleaning their houses of Jews. Very few French, Polish or Dutch people were in the least bit disturbed over the disappearance of their Jewish neighbors, while a great many collaborated, and the silent majority applauded.

Hence, the downside of the Allied victory, as far as Europe is concerned, was that the great project of the Shoah remained unfinished business. And this is a critical detail which does not seem to register with most people. Europeans may have celebrated the demise of the Third Reich. They did not celebrate the end of the gift that was Auschwitz.

Understanding this helps explain Western Europe’s open welcome to millions of undocumented, military age Muslim males. While it may be argued that there is no proof that these so-called refugees are terrorists, or ISIS recruits, or rapists or murderers, there is no arguing against the fact that virtually all of them are extreme Jew haters. After 70 years of stifling its frustration over the fact that there are still Jews roaming around in Europe, and that there is – horror of horrors a Jewish state – there is hope on the horizon with the influx of millions of proxies to somehow complete the important work of the Shoah.

After all, how else to explain European support of the Arabs on any level? One has to be brain dead not to see what the Arab world is all about – a world of murder and mayhem, of tribal and internecine strife, of religious bloodbaths, of kleptocracy and misogyny. A world which contributes absolutely nothing to the betterment of life – no products, no medicines, no technology, zero. A world which stands at the polar opposite of everything an ostensibly enlightened and democratic Europe stands for. And yet, Western European governments ply fifth column anti-Israel NGO’s with massive infusions of funds; initiate boycotts of Israeli goods and academies; and consistently provide aid and succor to those whose stated intention is the destruction of the Jewish State.

The great irony is that Europe is committing suicide in the process. Its Jew hatred is so endemic that it is willing to destroy itself in its instinctive need to destroy Jews. It is the story of the scorpion and the frog come to life. The scorpion convinces the frog to let it cross the river on the frog’s back, even though scorpions are the lethal enemy of frogs. The scorpion persuades the frog that he would be safe because “after all if I kill you I will drown”. The foolish frog agrees to carry the scorpion and, of course, mid-stream, the scorpion stings the frog. As they are both drowning the frog asks the scorpion; “Are you crazy? Why did you do that? Now we’ll both die”. To which the scorpion replies “Because that’s my nature”.

As the old punch line goes “A yekke bleibt a yekke” – a yekke remains a yekke. And Europe remains Europe – frog and kraut alike. And the duplicitous Arab scorpion remains unchanged.

But today there is one difference. Most Israelis never were Europeans, and most of us whose roots are in Europe have succeeded in shedding our Continental baggage. We are not blind. We do not worship the false god of the EU, and we do not allow a Euro-worshipping domestic media to convince us to ignore our instincts.

It is especially ironic – and clearly very frustrating for the secular left ­– that the secular elites who promote the teaching of evolution over creation are rapidly evaporating like the circulation of Haaretz, while the primitive unwashed inferior Jews are the thriving majority. If it is the fittest who survive, this must be a terrible pill for the secular left to swallow.

About the Author
J.J Gross is a veteran creative director and copywriter, who made aliyah in 2007 from New York. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lifelong student of Bible and Talmud. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors from Hungary and Slovakia.
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