Mr. Netanyahu does have his problems when it comes to focusing more worldwide attention and action on whatever nefarious ambitions the Iranians might have for their fledgling nuclear program and certain indications as to its future employment.

Indeed, the whole Arab-Israeli relationship is one fraught with so much difficulty and intransigence that any aspiration to move the situation towards a more positive outcome must seem like the very height of folly.

That same world has observed what limited returns have been gained from various and vast expenditures in time, money and lives lost across much of the Middle East. There is little appetite left for further expansion along those lines if likely results are now perceived to be even more minimal than those obtained before.

The entire process is in need of some radically new approach, an infusion of both novelty and creative thinking rather than the dim and dismal procedures long favoured by all those mindsets tied to the past.

On the road to perdition, there comes a point where a crossroads is encountered, a decision has to be made and a different direction taken. Be thankful then that such a possibility can still exist when so many other choices have long since ceased to be of any use whatsoever.

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