Things To Remember When Traveling To Israel

As we are approaching the holiday period, you may be considering to spend this festive period on holiday in Israel. Israel’s tourism industry has been booming, and 2018 is projected to be another year of growth. However, whenever visiting someplace new, tourists may be concerned about their health and safety, which is very natural, and explains why the travel insurance industry has been doing so well. In this article, we will cover some of the major health issues you may experience when you are visiting any country, and what you can do to resolve these issues.

In regards to your general safety in Israel, you do not have much to worry about because Israel is a low-crime country. The most probable danger visitors can potentially experience are Israeli drivers. Some drivers here are known for tailgating other drivers. While theft of vehicles and personal belongings from rental cars is also common. In fact, this is a common problem you can experience in many countries. Security is also taken very seriously in Israel. Therefore, you should expect to encounter security personnel to check your bags and purses when you are entering markets, bars, malls, transportation hubs, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other public places. If these security checks are new to you, it may initially surprise you, but after a while, you will get used to them. These checks are for your safety, and for everyone else’s safety too.

The drinking water in Israel is also safe for consumption and is drinkable. Of course, with the exception of the Dead Sea. However, just like in any other country, the water you may find here may potentially cause some individuals to have digestive issues due to differences in its mineral content. Drinking clean and filtered water is very important for tourists, so you may even want to consider using bottled water, just to be on the safe side. If you are looking to visit Egypt (Sinai) and the Jordan region, then you will absolutely require bottled water because the tap water is often not drinkable. In fact, you may even be interested in Lishtot Detection Ltd.’s invention. They are an Israeli startup that produces a device that can detect contaminants in water, such as lead, E.coli, copper, mercury, chlorine, among others.

Israel is also home to many professionally trained doctors and has many modern hospitals and national emergency medical services. Visitors will find that proper medical care is always readily available. Pharmacies are also very well-stocked and carry many international name brands, although pricing is a factor that should be considered. Finding quality health care is rarely an issue in Israel, and finding a personal injury or ERISA lawyer for your injuries and accidents is not very difficult either.

When visiting Israel, it is also important to consider the local wildlife and climate. For example, if you are traveling outdoors in Israel, then it is essential that you remain on the lookout for scorpions. These forms of arachnids are common in both the desert and Mediterranean regions. Unfortunately, receiving just one sting from a scorpion is enough to send you to the hospital. If a scorpion stings you, it is imperative that you seek medical care and get your sting treated immediately. Of course, scorpions aren’t as big of a potential issue when you are in the city, but they can become more problematic when you are at the beach or on out in nature. Make sure that you always shake out your towels, sheets, shoes, and socks before you use them, especially if you are outdoors.

On a different note, many people visit Israel for the therapeutic benefits found in the water of the Dead Sea. Visitors with respiratory issues may find the Dead Sea to be helpful. Situated far below sea level, the Dead Sea has the most oxygen-rich atmosphere on earth. The waters of the Dead Sea also contain roughly 35% of minerals per liter. These minerals are considered to be the secret to the Dead Sea’s healing properties because they can positively affect the skin and the body in many different ways. There are approximately more than 21 different types of minerals found in the water, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromide, and even sulfate. Researchers believe that these minerals can help people resolve their skin problems.

In conclusion, there are a wide variety of things you should keep in mind when visiting Israel, or any country for that matter.

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