Thinkin’ pink in Parchin

Who knew the Persian military brass had such a flair for color? By now the ISIS pictures of the hot pink plastic covered military pavilions at Parchin have flickered across computer screens around the world.

They may be hiding alleged this or that over there, but in doing so the Iranians have revealed what had heretofore been the Great Secret: a penchant for exterior decorating that rivals that of Steve Wynn. The only really troubling thing is that I haven’t read about it in the pages of The New York Times!

But seriously — pink? They couldn’t have picked Day-Glo orange? Since when does pink trip up spy satellites? I’ll call NASA. Maybe this new Persian pink is like garlic to a vampire. Is it imported? Do they have it at Macy*s? Anyway, color my glasses rose-tinted, but I think there could be more going on under those pink sheets than meets the digital eye:

Photo by ISIS/GeoEye. Text not by ISIS/GeoEye.

Not shown: Pavilion of Subterfuge

Text at left reads: No-Necktie Junction