Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


There are many thoughts.

Sadness for the tragic, horrific, barbaric, evil actions on Simchat Torah.

And there are thoughts of simcha — happiness. For the future.

And for the miracles happening now. And in the past.

There are multitudes of complexities, concepts, ideas, concerns, optimism.

And it’s sometimes difficult to sort them out.

But we do. Because, it’s what we need to do, in order to move forward, in order to win.

Antisemites will be antisemites. If they hate Israel, then no matter what you do, they will still hate us.

Friends are friends, but even then, they may also not always give the best advice. We need to discern, when to listen to them, and when to go with our own understanding.

Many thoughts. Many different kinds of people.

One thing seems certain, that Hamas must be wiped out. Completely. And Israel is determined to do so. And the US is supporting the Jewish nation, with words, and with aircraft carriers.

We must destroy Hamas. We must destroy evil, so that it never again raises its head.

There are two kinds of antagonists. The kind that can be influenced, turned around, refined. And the kind that must be obliterated.

When Jacob met Esau, Jacob was afraid that Esau may still want to harm him. So he told him that he will meet him again in Seir. The commentary Rashi explains, that Jacob was referring to the time of Moshiach, when, as the prophet says (Ovadiah 1; 21): “And saviours will rise on the mountain of Zion, to judge the mountain of Seir, and the kingdom will be G-d’s.” In other words, a time will come when, instead of harming the Jewish people, Esau will help them.

Perhaps that time is now. The Western powers come from the Roman Empire. The Romans come from Esau.

Perhaps now, when the West has realized that they must help the Jews wherever they are, perhaps now is a time when the world has become refined. When Arab leaders are striving to forge peaceful relations with Israel.

Perhaps we have reached that special time, when, very soon, the Jewish people will be redeemed, having served their mission of being a light to the nations, so that very soon, the entire world will know, (Zechariah 14; 9) “G-d is King over the entire world, for on that day, G-d will be One, and His name will be One.”

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