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Thirty-Seven Messages from the Holy Land

The lake Kinneret. Here I began to receive my Messages. Source:, CC BY 2.0,

As a continuation of the Mystery School of the Spirit, I was sent to Jerusalem in May-June 1981. In Israel I was met warm-heartedly by many of my relatives who introduced me practically to the whole country. So, with their help, I was blessed to get familiar with the Holy Land and to enter into Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the cradle of three main world religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In the metaphysics of the Heavenly Jerusalem, with its twelve Gates, they open three Universal Gates of the Holy City.

Of course, no one could approach the Weeping Wall without deep emotion and compassion for the destruction of the Second Temple and the destiny of the Hebrew people over the centuries. I visited this sacred place a few times and always had deep spiritual emotions and feelings. Nevertheless, a vision of the Hebrew Patriarchs, Ancestors and Old Prophets came to me absolutely unexpectedly in a different place. I visited many towns and villages in Israel, but I did not connect with the Mysteries of the Old Testament. When however, I visited my uncle, one of the founders of the Mesilot Kibbutz and had a walk in the open fields around, little by little I entered into ecstasy and had a vision of the Promised Land, where there is always ‘bread and honey’ and the Spirits of the ancestors live there forever. The vision was staggering and enduring – a clairvoyant friend in Bulgaria told me later that some of the Ancestors were so happy with me, that they came to visit Bulgaria as a Holy Land as well.

As to the Islamic faith, Jerusalem is the third sacred place after Mecca and Medina. At the mosque Al-Aqsa the Prophet Muhammad finished his Night Journey and Archangel Gabriel appeared before him. The Night Journey of Muhammad is described in a whole stream of Islamic literature called Mi’raj. From these descriptions the great Italian poet Dante was inspired for his Divine Comedy and with it the European Renaissance started! Definitely when one is in such a sacred spiritual place, there are no words to express the appreciation and awe. This is exactly what happened to me!

A very emotional story happened to me in connection with Christianity as well. One day I decided to visit a church which was a little aside from the old town. It was my first time to visit this church. When I entered into the church, I was astonished. It was exactly on the place where St. Peter denied Christ three times. In memory of this a church was built and called The Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu (in commemoration of Peter’s triple rejection of Jesus “…before the cock crows thrice” (Mark 14:30).

On another occasion, around the same church, I was able to contemplate the whole drama of Christ’s crucifixion. When I left the church, unexpectedly and to my great surprise, I saw a young man with a crown of thorns on his head, carrying a cross and a crowd of people around him. I looked with disbelief at the scene without understanding what was happening. It was so vivid, so dramatic, so horrifying! After ten or fifteen minutes I realized with great relief that actually a well-known film director, with his crew, were filming ‘Via Dolorosa’, the story of Christ’s Crucifixion, with all the details of this dramatic event. This type of filming happened quite rarely – once in many years. To be there at the same time was a great coincidence indeed.

I began to receive Messages in the area of the lake Kinneret. Most of the messages which I received came in Jerusalem, but I received a good number of them in Jaffa, on a hill overlooking the sea and an old church. The view from the hill was very picturesque and I enjoyed the panorama, but for some unknown reason the church was always closed. When finally, the church, which actually was a monastery, was open I went there. To my great surprise it was built on the very place where St. Peter had a well-known dream about what is good and what is not good to eat (Acts 10:9-16). On this hill I received several messages from Heaven!

My visit to the Holy Land was very emotional and inspiring. In fact, I entered mystically through three of the Universal Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem – the Gates of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Many of the Messages were from the Highest Divine World. Some of them were deep mystical visions and became the basis of an initiation, which was coming through the Divine Spirit. Actually, all these Messages were like keys for an entry through the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem and for opening the twelfth and last Universal Gate of the Holy City. Their content was later inscribed in the books which I wrote.

Altogether, I received Thirty-Seven Messages. Amazingly, some of the Messages were ‘written with letters of fire’ on the etheric layer. Most of them had their own aura and revealed vast metaphysical and mystical substance. I marked the Messages only with a few words, with the intention to develop them in the coming months and years as important aspects of life in the new cosmic cycle. The messages were visions of the coming new cosmic cycle of evolution, the event of the Second Coming (or the New Coming) of the Divine Masters on an etheric level, the Divine Wedding in Heaven, the New Apocalyptic Act of G-d creating everything new. There were Messages about the destiny of nations such as the Bulgarian, Israeli, Russian Polish, and other nations. I also received messages about myself.

These messages were not intellectual concepts but living streams of energy from a very high Divine Realm. I had the feeling that I was in the Divine Realm where destiny of nations, countries and people are developed. It was very moving, powerful, inspiring and transcendent experience! Actually, by praying, meditating and receiving them, I was developing my Causal Body. Thus, I was able to link with the Divine World and quite a few of the Messages laid the foundations of my books in the future such as The Second Coming; New Heaven, New Earth New Humankind; Celestial State on Earth; The Transcended and the Immanent Messiah and others. Many key ideas of these Messages are now presented in the Posts of my Blog.

In essence, most of the Messages were connected with the coming new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle of evolution. They indicated the return to the Divine Origin of Being, when we are leaving gradually the material world of Asiyyah, later on entering into the celestial World of Yetzirah (the World of Formation), and finally reaching the World of Creation ( Beriah). Thus, they dialed with the reality of the New Heaven, the New Earth and the New Humankind, who will live in the new cosmic cycle. In this reality we will establish Celestial State on Earth and for this reason some of the messages were for:

  • Proclaiming eternal Peace on Earth;
  • Appreciating the Earth as a Living Being who has to be transformed into a Garden of Paradise;
  • Transcending the egocentrism of the human beings, of the nations, of the whole of humankind and without losing identity forming together God’s people on sacred Earth;
  • Embarking on Exodus from the material world, through the Garden of Paradise up to the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem;
  • Transforming the established religions, with their churches, into living congregations, appreciating the whole of Creation as a Divine Temple;
  • Balancing the Masculine and Feminine energies on all levels of our lives;
  • Developing as living Souls and awakened Spirits who become mediators between Heaven and Earth and help all Kingdoms of life in their evolution;
  • Establishing a new Solar culture based on the human beings as living Souls and awakened Spirits;
  • Preparing to meet the New Coming of the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine on an etheric level;
  • Entering into the new epoch of the Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic civilization.
  • Anticipating the Ten Heavens in the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle.

Some results from the 37 Messages were the subsequent visions of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path, the activation of the Messianic Line in the new cosmic cycle, the transformation of the celestial archetypes in the Book of Revelation by St. John (especially the last chapters) and other Holy Scriptures, into a Plan and Scenario for action, composing a Planetary Peace Agreement (similar to the Paris Agreement for climate change) and others. In the next Posts I will introduce some of these visions. Let us hope that their energy will alleviate the present difficult situation in the world, and especially in the Middle East!

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Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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