This passes for political correctness

Most of the English-speaking world refers to it as the Persian Gulf. Some nitwit concluded that since the west side of the Gulf are our allies (although they’re mostly nothing to be proud of) and the east side of the Gulf is not, we’re not going to call it by the most popular name, we’ll use a little used and antiquated name instead.

This is what US Central Command tweeted almost a month ago on its English page:

We don’t want anyone to conclude that using the term Persian concedes some kind of credit or control over the Gulf to Iran (Persia) that isn’t warranted. So, we go the opposite direction just to prove that. This is an Arabic text of the same tweet US Central Command tweeted:

However, in Persian language, US Central Command, masks completely native by stating the right name for obvious reasons, to be politically correct!

These nitwits are the same kinds of nitwits that insist on calling the Democratic Party the Democrat Party, or the ones who proposed renaming French fries freedom fries when France wisely bowed out of W’s idiotic invasion of Iraq.

They’re also of such lofty intellect that they’ve coined the phrase “libtard”, truly the height of wordsmithing.

I miss having adults in charge. When will this nightmare end?

About the Author
Elnaz Sotoodeh is from Tehran. She is an English translator for several news websites.