This soldier’s blood is on OUR hands

We have no one else to blame. Not Kerry, not Obama and not the PA. Because we enable it.

With a leadership that shows no deterrence, what else can one expect?

Rather than call for the death penalty, our prime minister appears on national television with what can only be described as a look of despondency rehearsed to perfection when claiming that freeing those who murder us was one of the hardest decisions he had to make. I dare say, here in Israel, few were moved by his “hardship.”

So, yes, of course – another one of our children was murdered today by an Arab terrorist. An 18-year old soldier was stabbed to death as he was grabbing some precious moments of sleep while on a bus from Afula and his blood is on our leadership’s hands.

In the early days of the Oslo process, the likes of Peres, Rabin and Beilin were known to refer to the victims of these terrorist acts as “sacrifices for peace” and in what they no doubt saw as a heroic feat on their part, continued to roll right on with the “negotiations” uninterrupted as we buried our dead.

Thus, when Bibi, like his predecessors, does not put an end to the “negotiations” once one of our own are murdered with the not so tacit approval of our “peace partners”, then this soldier’s blood is certainly on our leadership’s hands. Short of sending out gold-engraved invitations to the terrorists to spill our blood, the policies of our weak-kneed leadership serve that very purpose and indeed invite the enemy to murder our people.

When Bibi frees terrorists for the pathetic price of just getting the PA terrorist gang to show up at the negotiation table, when Bibi repeatedly capitulates to the US and to the EU by calling for another building freeze, when Bibi agrees to EU BDS demands that delineates East Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan as not part of Israel, when at the most recent rise of firebombs and other acts of terror Bibi does not even send out so much as a warning that he will halt the negotiations,  he in fact sends a clear message to the world that the Jewish people do not have the same right as other nations to live on this earth in their own land.

All of Bibi’s oratory skills will not free him from his accountability. His robust words in his many speeches and sound-bites have grown tiresome, fall flat and only elicit sardonic laughter.

But there is one family in Israel that is not laughing today, not sardonically or otherwise for they are busy making funeral arrangements.

Bibi, before you continue to articulate additional impotent words and before you continue to blow more hot air over Iran going nuclear, realize this…Your feebleness, your weak-kneed policies, your empty words, your ineffectiveness just put another one of our sons in the grave.

About the Author
Author of THE GILBOA IRIS (Gefen Publishing House) and SETTLING FOR MORE: FROM JERSEY TO JUDEA (Urim Publications).