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This year, sell your hametz in Israel

Few can travel to the holy land for a Passover pilgrimage, but everyone can cement their Zionist connection via the internet

With Pesach at our doorstep, there is no shortage of things that can make planning challenging and sometimes even overwhelming. Appreciating the severity of owning hametz on Pesach, the ideal traditional approach is to completely rid ourselves of any leavened products for the entire period of the holiday.

However, in recognizing the significant financial and material loss that can be incurred were we to require people to destroy all their hametz, halacha allows for the sale of those products which if destroyed would result in significant losses.

The overriding custom is that one should seek out their local rabbi who is informed of the rules of Pesach and proper sale of hametz for the purposes of this sale. This custom helps establish an enhanced sense of community and strengthen the bonds between individuals and their rabbis.

And indeed today, those who have local rabbis who perform this service should continue to seek them out and use this opportunity to expand the personal connection with their rabbinical leaders.

Yet at the same time we can recognize that modern technology has afforded us a tremendous opportunity to make it even easier for people to sell their hametz from the comfort of their own homes, and even more recently from their phones.

Five years ago, Tzohar began the process of selling hametz via the Internet and we have been able to assist thousands of people through this platform.

Now it is our hope to assist many more around the world, providing a further avenue to expand a bond with Israel by allowing your hametz to be sold here.

The format which has been developed and I will oversee takes into account the needs of Jews all over the world. While the sales agreement reached between me and the non-Jew who will acquire your hametz will go into effect at 9 a.m. Israel Time on the eve of Passover, the purchase following the end of the holiday is structured to only go back into effect after the completion of Pesach — wherever in the world you find yourself.

I welcome you to embrace this special avenue to enhance your connection with our people and our land and in so doing we can pray while this year your chametz will be sold in Israel, next year we will all be together to rejoice in Jerusalem.

To sell your hametz online — click here.

About the Author
Rabbi David Stav is the Chief Rabbi of the City of Shoham, Founder & Chairman of the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization.
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