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Thou Shalt Wear A Mask

When God gave Moses the 10 Commandments, The 6th Commandment said, “Thou shalt not kill.” It didn’t specify, “Thou shalt not kill with a gun, knife, or a virus.” It just talked about how it was forbidden to murder.

I bring this up because I overheard a man applauding people, saying how he, “appreciated the fact that they aren’t wearing a mask.”

I wonder if this man would applaud like that while lying in his hospital deathbed, after being infected by coronavirus.

Somehow, I doubt it.

How many people will this man kill from not wearing protective gear?

How many others will die if they’re influenced by his telling them that its ok to not wear masks?

This following letter is for those who are continually spreading the coronavirus, keeping the epidemic going.

You are a murderer, yes you.

You, who don’t wear gloves and a mask, and for some reason, can’t keep a distance of six feet away from others.

In doing this, you’re not only attempting suicide, but also killing people. 

That’s right, you.

You, who tell others they have nothing to worry about, while encouraging them not to be careful.

How do you know they have nothing to worry about?
Are you a psychic?

Are you God?

How do you know their immune systems will handle it?

Even if you are right, and nothing will happen to them, some people don’t have symptoms and could still spread it to others with compromised immune systems and end up killing dozens of people.

What gives you this right to endanger someone?

What makes you think that the coronavirus isn’t hanging around the corner waiting just for you?

Oh, I know, you think it will never happen to you.

You think you’ll be fine.

Watch and see.

It will, I promise you.

Don’t be cool, take precautions and stay alive.

Otherwise there might be a hospital bed in your future…assuming they have space.

Anat Ghelber

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