Thoughts on the 7th of Adar and the Miracles of Today

Today is the 7th of the month of Adar on the Jewish (Torah) calendar. It is the birthday of Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) and also the anniversary of his passing.

On this exact day four years ago, Hosni Mubarak, then President of Egypt, was forced to resign. What made the already incredible timing extra significant, is that every few years there are 2 months of Adar (a Biblical “leap year”) and Moshe/Moses was actually born on the 7th of the first month of Adar. Four years ago, that was the case, it was the 7th of Adar I.

The reverberations of this event have been amazing. While Morsi, a sworn enemy of the Jewish people initially took over, it was clear that this was all going to be good, having started on a day that was a clear sign from G-d Almighty that G-d alone is in charge. Sure enough, a miracle happened. One that is often overlooked.

Two summers ago, during the 3 weeks of mourning over the destruction of the Holy Temple, Morsi was overthrown, his wicked plans with him. Again, the timing was most significant. This represents the first time in Jewish history, ever, that anything that was openly revealed good happened to the entire Jewish people. (The terms “revealed good” are appropriate since everything eventually becomes good, but this was the first time that the good of the previously dark “Three Week” period was revealed.)

The miracle continued to grow. A year later, during the same time period (“The Three Weeks”), Israel found and destroyed the tunnels that Hamas had been digging for years, as part of their now foiled evil scheme – they had wanted to sneak into Israel through these underground tunnels for the purpose of G-d forbid kidnapping and murdering Israeli civillians. Morsi, who all indications show had planned to be active in that operation, had been deposed a year earlier.

It says that when Moshiach comes (the Messianic Era – when G-d perfects the world after having given us time to partner in this process through simple acts of good deeds and kindness and infusing the world with the holiness of Torah), the Three Weeks will turn into a great time of joy. The significance of the events of the past two years, set into motion on Moses’ birthday 4 years ago, are clear. They are a foretaste to this great transformation of darkness to light.

More about Egypt and the Redemption:

The verse “as in the days of your leaving Egypt, I will show you wonders” (Micha 7:15) is taken to mean that the eternal Redemption of the Era of Moshiach will come about in ways that are similar to (and greater than) the Redemption from Egypt. In 5751 (1991), in the aftermath of the Gulf War, the Lubavitcher Rebbe explained that just like during the redemption from Egypt, the first born among the Egyptians (after hearing the warning of the final plague) declared war against Pharoah, so too in this redemption, the first born of Egypt will fight against evil (he then connected this to the fight against Saddam while hinting at more, but the real meaning became clear 20 years later).

Another point about the 7th of Adar which the Rebbe spoke about:

Even though on the anniversary of one’s passing, all of the Torah learning and good deeds that the person did throughout their lives come down into the world as one great light that is higher than the sum of all of those deeds, and affect great things below, Moshe’s birthday is considered more significant than his passing. His soul was a new light that was brought into the world, one that has everlasting effects and that didn’t fully go away.

About the Author
Yomin Postelnik is a writer and lecturer on ethical, societal and religious issues. His writing has been featured in American Thinker, Canada Free Press, the Jewish Press, American Daily Review and other outlets. Postelnik has served as a rabbinical advocate and attained his ordination in 2000. He works closely with community leaders to explain Torah values, fight against misconceptions and slander against religious values.