Thoughts to live with – for ‘a very long while’

‘Palestinian leader blasts IDF incursions into Jenin and Qalqilya that left a Hamas operative and a PA officer dead’                             Times of Israel: December 19, 2013

More bad PR for Israel, more reasons for resentment among Palestinians and more trouble brewing in the days up ahead.

Unless Israelis, Palestinians and the outside world can get a proper handle on all this confrontation and public mayhem, then the regional outlook would appear to be very bleak indeed and no amount of peace negotiations, concessions, settlement freezes and economic investment will ever cause it to be otherwise.

The whole situation needs an entirely new baseline from which to start out again, a complete makeover in terms of conflict resolution and the rules governing interaction between the two sides. Without some radical rearrangement being introduced to eliminate many of the present-day difficulties and sticking points, nothing of any real consequence will emerge and matters must remain very much as they are now – and as they have been for decades.

But, after 65 years of searching for an answer, what is there left that can still be classified as new or radical?

Nothing less will end an era that has seen so much of violence and discord. And for so long a time.

Nothing more, short of direct intervention by Almighty G-d, is possible and, even then, such an outcome must be judged as something of a failure, unfinished business that humanity should have sorted out while it still had the chance.

So, which of these two thoughts would you like to live with across what most religions will tell you is going to be ‘a very long while’?

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