Yair Lapid

Three questions for the global far left

How many Jews have to die for you to care? Can you distinguish feelings from facts? Do you know what you really are?

Here’s the first question: How many Jews need to die before you stop blaming us for everything that happens? Because on that dark Saturday two weeks ago, 1,400 were murdered. How many more do you need? Another thousand? Ten thousand? Six million? Yes, I went there. I referenced the Holocaust. Tactless, I know. The Jews always do that, don’t they – bring up the Holocaust so they can claim to be the victims. It doesn’t work. Six million is just a number to you. Like 1,400.

Maybe the number shields you. That way you don’t need to think about the people behind the number. About the grandmother who was murdered with her autistic granddaughter who loved Harry Potter. You won’t need to think about Abigail. She’s 3. Hamas abducted her into Gaza. Who abducts a 3-year-old girl? What will they do with her? How can it be that there are people demonstrating against Abigail and in support of the people who abducted her?

The second question is this: Do your feelings exempt you from knowing the facts? I understand that you feel the Palestinians are suffering, you really feel it, it’s a strong feeling, but do you really have no interest whatsoever in actual facts?

Do you know, for example, that Hamas doesn’t support a two-state solution? They don’t even want to free Palestine. That’s not the kind of movement they are. Hamas isn’t a Palestinian national movement, you’re confusing them with the Palestinian Authority. The two organizations are bitter rivals. Hamas is a radical Islamist organization, like ISIS. Their goal is an Islamic caliphate across the Middle East without Jews, without LGBT people, without Christians, even without moderate Muslims.

And what about LGBT people? Do you really not care that the people you’re supporting hang gay people? Don’t “Queers for Palestine” care about Ahmed Abu Marakhia, a young gay Palestinian who managed to escape to Israel but was abducted by Hamas, murdered, his body mutilated?

By my calculations, this is the point where you stop reading, because it won’t help. You feel differently, and so there must be something wrong with what you’re reading rather than what you’re feeling. As far as you’re concerned, my words are an annoying manipulation that’s best ignored.

I promise you’ll be able to find facts that will better suit your feelings. There will only be one problem with them – they’ll be wrong. The reason they’re so available on your social media feed is that Hamas and the Iranians fund a huge network of disinformation, which directs itself to the algorithms of the ultra-liberal left. If you’re the kind of person who Googles “trans rights” or “climate protest,” you’ll soon find their propaganda appearing in your feed. It will make you feel good, but I’d still recommend that you check why there aren’t trans people in Gaza, not even one.

And the third question is this: Do you know that there is a simple answer to the first two questions? There is a reason that you’re protesting against us these days and, like everything else, it comes from feelings. Because as opposed to everything you think about yourselves, everything you say about being color blind, humane, champions of human rights and all the rest, you have one other personality trait – you are antisemites.

I know you think you’re not, but you are.

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Yair Lapid is the former Prime Minister of Israel and currently the Leader of the Opposition in Israel.
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