Josef Olmert
Josef Olmert

Tikkun Olam, Aleppo and our Left Wing Rabbis-A lesson in faked morality

Aleppo or Haleb, or Aram Zova is a place which should ring a bell for Jews everywhere, and not only for descendants of this wonderful Jewish community who live in Brooklyn, New Jersey, Sao Paulo, Mexico City or the Homeland Israel.

A community which suffered the ethnic cleansing which happened to all the Jewish communities in the Arab world. This is a place whose history should also be known to all those who are interested in the Syrian tragedy. I, for one, am one of those, because Syria has been my country of academic specialty, the country which I was so excited to negotiate peace with in Madrid, and later on in Washington. The country I write so much about, with a mixture of empathy, sadness and realism. I care about what is happening there from a variety of perspectives. Being a humanist, being a Syrian and Arab affairs watcher, being an Israeli politics watcher. Some good reasons to care about this country. This time though it is not a piece about Hasbara, or history . It is not about the entire complexity of the Syrian civil war.It is about something which makes me mad as hell, it is about double standards, about the travesty of morality. It is about some of our Rabbis, those who claim to espouse the utmost values of Judaism, those who talk so much about Tikkun Olam, those who relentlessly tell us about the universal mission of our religion.I refer to Rabbis from Rabbis for Human Rights , Tru’a, other Rabbis who turn Tikkun Olam into their main agenda, Lefties and Liberals of all stripes. Where , for God’s sake are you?

First, what is happening NOW in Aleppo?. This is the largest city in Syria, about 5 million people prior to the civil war in 2011. Mostly Sunni Muslims, with many minorities. Kurds, Druze[the great Halabi family from Daliyyat Al Carmel are from there], Armenian Christians and other Christian communities. The Sunnis, like in the rest of Syria oppose the Alawite-dominated Assad regime, and various rebel groups are in control of most of the city, and have been subjected to a siege by the Syrian army supported by the Pro-Iran Shi’ite militias and as of some months , the Russian air force. What is happening in Aleppo is beyond description. The once proud city with such glorious history, will itself be a history in the very near future. The Assad regime conducts a campaign of deliberate starvation and all is done in order to bring about a mass flight of Sunnis from the city. A genocide is in the offing, with intentional attacks on the civilian population and in particular, bombardments of hospitals. The Alawites want as few Sunnis as possible in Aleppo, they want it all over Syria, and it seems to be working. The vast majority of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, and in Europe are Sunnis. Ethnic cleansing and the world is quiet.Only horror pictures arouse some passing interest for a short while.

Among those who are SO quiet , there are our Rabbis of Human Rights, our people of the high moral ground, those who will not miss an opportunity to find out and condemn the greatest violator of human rights on earth, not Iran, not North Korea, Not Syria, Not the Palestinian Authority and Hamas-Of course, it is Israel. They talk about their mission in favor of ”Justice ” for the Palestinians as something which is part of their universal mission to uphold humanity everywhere in the world. Syria is part of humanity, but not for these people. The sad truth is, that for them , ”humanity”, ”rights”, ”justice” are selectively used,only when it is against Israel. So, while the mayhem in Aleppo assumes unprecedented proportions even in the context of the overall Syrian atrocities, these Rabbis are busy with Susya.An old Jewish village, occupied like the rest of our homeland by the Muslims in the 7th Century, where there is today an attempt by an Arab clan to be in control of lands which are not theirs.

The Israeli Supreme Court declared the Arab clan to be illegal occupiers of the land, and ordered the government to demolish the illegal buildings, something which the Netanyahu government hesitates to do. This is a case to fight for, but Syria?. Aleppo?. You make our good Rabbis laugh out loud. What are they?. Experts in geography?. They are Rabbis for human rights, for G-D sake,

Rabbis for human rights of only those who can cause the maximum damage to the Jews. The Netanyahu government, the government which these Rabbis loath so much, may not believe in Tikkun Olam, but they do. Thousands of Syrians have already been treated in Israeli hospitals. Tikkun Olam in actions, not in empty rhetoric. Beyond the stunning moral bankruptcy shown here, there is also sheer political stupidity.

Our good Rabbis never heard about Aleppo, but the Israeli people do hear, do see, do internalize at least one important lesson of the terrible tragedy-if they do it to each other, what will they do to us?. So, go on with your Tikkun Olam,as it brings good funding from the Soroses of the world, but human rights?. HumanitY?. Ordinary Jews should indeed espouse these important values, but NOT as preached from you. Enough with the hypocrisy and double standards.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina