Tim Boxer At Celebrate Israel Parade

They weren’t really needed by the 35,000 marchers in the Celebrate Israel Parade up Fifth Avenue on June 2, but there they were: several pet dogs accompanying their owners, presumably to keep perps at bay. One cute pup even wore an IDF jacket. Fortunately there was no ruckus as the pooches passed a bomb sniffing dog.

In the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombings, it was obvious that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly took great pains to make this the safest parade in memory, with helicopters hovering in the sky and more boots and hoofs on the ground.

Rabbi Sholom Steinig of Young Israel of Bayside, N.Y., marveled at a block-long lineup of cool Jews and their heavy duty choppers which he called “the Kosher Hogs.”

Then the 65 Jewish bikers, each dressed in intimidating black leather apparel, colorfully ornamented with appropriate patches and warnings, roared up the avenue – escorted by a motorcycle contingent of New York’s Finest.

Rabbi Steinig was duly impressed by the intricate tattoos covering both arms of David Himber, the past president of his crew of Chai Riders. Himber, of Sea Gate, Brooklyn, lifted his sleeves and the rabbi realized that the tattoos were on a T-shirt.


About the Author
Tim Boxer is a former New York Post columnist, and is longtime columnist for the New York Jewish Week. He is also editor of 15MinutesMagazine.com, is the author of Jewish Celebrity Hall of Fame, interviews of Hollywood stars about their Jewish roots.