Time For A New Strategy To Fight Terror

According to Article 4 of the Third Geneva Convention of 1949, “irregular forces are entitled to prisoner of war status provided that they are commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates, have a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a distance, carry arms openly, and conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war. If they do not do meet all of these, they may be considered francs-tireurs (in the original sense of “illegal combatant“) and punished as criminals in a military jurisdiction, which may include summary execution.”

Prime minister Netanyahu was greeted by catcalls and much heckling while addressing an auditorium full of Israelis during the celebration of Yom HaZikaron, the Day of Remembrance for the fallen soldiers and victims of Arab terrorism.

These individuals who were incensed at the presence of a man whose government, in supplication to the immoral advances of the American administration and the demands of the “Palestinian Authority” that by releasing hundreds of terrorists, some with their hands stained with the blood of their Jewish victims, that the negotiations being carried out by the American Sec’y of State, Israeli Justice minister Tzipi Livni and the “Palestinian” prevaricator, Sa’eb Erakat, would bear fruit only when over 400 prisoners, currently in Israeli prisons, would be released into the hands of their masters.

Insulting enough as this act of incredible and cowardly obeisance might seem, the worst affect of this act was the jubilation and celebration by the “Palestinian Authority” as these murdering scum descended from the buses and were greeted with flowers, sweets and speeches extolling their “bravery” against the “Zionist enemy.”  I suppose that to their savage cohorts, the bashing of a Jewish child’s skull against a rock till its brains cover the ground, or the slitting of the throat of a child in its crib, is considered a heroic deed worthy of approbation.

Needless to say, but nevertheless important (at least for those people who maintain a conscience knowledge of right and wrong (which is sorely lacking in many places of leadership in the world today) is too make mention of the millions of dollars from the pockets of hardworking American families and the millions of euros taken from European workers which have been forked over to the criminals of the “Palestinian Authority” have been generously donated to the coffers of these recalcitrant and malevolent “heroes.” As much as $25,000/US as a “bonus” and $4000/US as a pension for life has been granted to the released terrorists-I wonder how many American families take home $4000/month or receive a bonus of $25,000/US for committing infanticide?

For Israel to sentence these killers, to even give them the benefit of due process in a court of law, is an obscenity. As the first paragraph of this essay points out, terrorists deserve no protections granted prisoners of war.  Israel has always stood by the Geneva Convention when it has had thousands of Arab SOLDIERS as prisoners after its many wars with Arab states. Their rights have been assiduously protected and guaranteed as international law demands and what is proper in the conduct of warfare among nations’ uniformed military organizations.

However, terrorists whose targets are inevitably and consistently civilian in nature, whose attacks are primarily directed against civilian targets such as the Kassam missile attacks from Gaza upon the cities of Israel, are acts not of civilized warfare(as far as war can be conducted civilly) but war crimes in any jurisdiction of international jurisprudence. No less than under the laws of most states.

Furthermore, it is a financial burden upon the citizens of Israel to house, clothe, feed and even provide entertainment and education to those who have sworn to kill Jews, not just Israelis, but Jews anywhere as their heinous attacks outside the borders of Israel have demonstrated time and time again. From the blowing up of a Jewish Community center in Argentina to the cold blooded murder of a wheelchair bound Leon Klinghoffer and the throwing of his body into the sea as though he was a sack of garbage.

Terrorists captured in the field by Israeli security forces, either at the hands border police or the Israel Defense Forces, must be hanged immediately without benefit of trial and their corpses buried in unmarked graves with no notification to kin. Let their families and neighbors reflect on whatever happened to their fellows. I do not propose firing squads for these beasts as that is an honorable form of execution for enemy soldiers caught in the field who have committed acts of sabotage or murder after their surrendering as prisoners of war.

Those who have committed murder and are now in Israeli prisons, should be immediately executed without further delay and any others who have caused injuries to Israeli citizens, be they Jewish, Christian or Moslem citizens of Israel, should be made to indemnify the victims of their crimes through the confiscation of any assets whatsoever that their families possess as their relatives must be punished for their acquiescence, if not for their outright approval of their family member’s activities.

Any village, town or part of a city that shelters or abets acts of terror emanating from Gaza or in Judea, Shomron or within pre-1967 Israel, must be evacuated of its residents and the homes and businesses of these people should be sold if possible to indemnify the victims of the acts of terror, or destroyed. All assets, financial and otherwise, should be seized.

Israel is at war and has been at war since the day of its birth. Our people have not known a day, nor an hour of peace EVER. There is hardly a family in Israel that has not suffered grievous loss of a loved one due to the continuing Arab aggression against this nation.  There is no nation on Earth that is daily threatened with extinction and the total liquidation of its citizenry, other than Israel.

A nation does not negotiate with a body that daily, through oratory, media and criminal terrorism, wishes it dead. A country suffering such constant terror and attack has the moral obligation to bring its enemy to its knees and destroy it utterly. A sovereign state only negotiates with a defeated enemy and then makes the terms of surrender unconditional. Israel, like any other sovereign nation engaged in a struggle for survival against an avaricious and fearsome foe, has the right to demand that its defeated enemy be brought to the negotiation table as a mendicant.. Just as the Allies, after the surrender of Germany and Japan, made them submit to the demands of the victors, so should the terrorists of the “Palestinian Authority” be brought low. And remember, unlike the Germans and the Japanese who were terrible and criminal in their aggression, they never sought the liquidation of the entire populations of all the countries they conquered-unlike the threat of genocide that hangs over Israel’s citizenry.

Terrorism is illegal and immoral. Those who practice this dastardly and evil tactic deserve no mercy as they give no mercy. Those who purposely, with malice of forethought, plant bombs in university cafeterias, who break into peaceful homes and murder infants and their parents in their beds, who launch rockets upon civilian targets and those who send suicide bombers into pizzerias and buses, who give the orders and finance these operations, who sit in positions of leadership and openly brag and thump their chests  when Jewish blood flows, deserve no understanding, no trial and certainly no compassion.

They deserve only two things-a rope and a quick drop.


About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.