Irwin E. Blank

Time To Send Hamas Some Ham-Ass

Rockets flying into Israel’s cities from Gaza is not anything new-indeed, it seems that except for Israelis and our all too few friends in the world, people seem to see this as “old hat.” Yeah, the Arabs are firing missiles at the Jews, so what-tell me something new.

Sure, we are sending our brave pilots and sailors ( yes, we have a Navy, it’s small, but don’t ever underestimate its capabilities) into harm’s way and they are are delivering our messages by way of SPICE bombs, HERON drones and 76mm naval gunfire.  The targets we are hitting are ammo dumps, weapons factories, terrorist infrastructure, and, at last, the homes of the terrorist thug leadership. Albeit, these cowards are probably in deep holes somewhere, in hiding, probably under a hospital knowing that we do not bomb hospitals.Or in a magnificent shelter that they built for themselves as they have not built, with all the billions of dollars and euros they have received, a single bomb shelter for their hapless people. No, they have built some luxurious hotels and seaside resorts, as well as their own headquarters and homes with all the money “donated” by hardworking Americans and Europeans, except for the loot that they have secreted under the streets of Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne or in the banks off the sandy beaches of the Cayman Islands-I mean, where do you think Ms Arafat gets her $30,000/month pension from? Ramallah???

And, of course, with all the hypocrisy that they can muster, world leaders are telling us to act with restraint. Restraint, huh? Like the restraint the British had when Nazi V-2s by the thousands were striking London? Or, we should be more careful in our targeting the enemy, like the Americans did when they firebombed Tokyo killing tens of thousands of civilians, ON PURPOSE-people who lived in houses made of paper and bamboo??? Maybe the British should not have bombed Peenemunde from where the V-2s and buzz bombs were launched, but they did find the time to firebomb Dresden so viciously that the asphalt streets boiled for days after the planes left the sky above the city-but we NEVER told the British or the Americans to act with restraint……..

Yes, that was a world war, but we, in Israel, have been fighting a war for our survival since the day we declared our independence over 66 years ago-a war that has not ended, but has seen a series if battles and engagements without letup for 24 hours. The wars of 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and all the operations since are merely parts of the war that has never ceased-and WE, are told to restrain ourselves? Chutzpah does not even begin to define this ridiculous and ignorant demand.

The Israel Defense Forces would be within its right to do to the cities of Gaza what the Allied air forces in World War Two did to German, Japanese and Italian cities. But we do not. We have even more reason to be just a brutal to the “Palestinian enemy”  because the Germans, Japanese and Italians did not call openly or even covertly for the entire extermination of the American and British people as our enemies call for our deaths day after day, radio program after radio program, children’s television show after television show and in their elementary school classrooms, summer camps and internet websites. If any country has the right to blow its enemies off the face of the Earth till they come bleeding ad begging for surrender, it is Israel. And we do not because we are better people than they are and we are not terrorists.

We do not glorify those among us who commit evil acts. Even as I write this article, our courts and police are vigorously investigating and prosecuting several deranged and murderous JEWISH youth who murdered a 16 year old Arab boy in the most horrific fashion. They will be tried in open court and if found guilty, they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Our enemies make heroes out of savages who murder infants in their beds and bash their skulls against rocks. They name streets and playgrounds for bloodthirsty criminals who attack civilians with knives and machetes. It is only by the grace of G-d, and an Israeli Arab cabdriver, that a dear friend of mine survived horrible butchery at the hands of a terrorist beast who assaulted her and her friend in a quiet, Jerusalem forest.

So, I pray for the lives of our precious pilots and sailors, who fly the planes and man the ships of our moral and stalwart military and I pray for the safety of their return to their bases and airfields after completing their noble mission to defend our homeland. I pray for the quick resolution of this battle and the decimation of our enemy and the utter destruction of his war making power. I pray for the welfare and safety of my fellow Israelis living under the threat of the terrorists’ rockets. And I pray for a world that recognizes the evil that we face and realizes the hypocrisy of its failed leadership and perhaps, regains the pride and the strength it once showed against the same evil a scant 70 or so years ago,

I pray for peace and am ready for war as I refuse to commit suicide that the world should love me. I’d rather live with your contempt, then lay down and die  so you should feel better about yourselves.

We have returned to our homeland, never to be expunged from it ever again. If this means that we must fight for our right to live under the sun, we shall not waver. If war is to be a never ending sword of Damocles over the heads of our children, then we shall break that sword into pieces. The people of Israel are not ghetto Jews, we will not submit, we shall not be supplicants and we shall forever be survivors, The day of the submissive Jew is over and if the world cannot accept that, if the world still wants the Jews dead, then I say to the world, my great grandchildren will play in the forests of our capital city of Jerusalem and dance in the streets of our cities and towns when you, like your ancestors who sought our destruction, will be a footnote in the history of my people and like our enemies of the past, you will disappear as will our foes of today.

“Lo yishan v’ lo yanum shomer Israel.” -“He who guardeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.”




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Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.
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