Simon Hardy Butler
Simon Hardy Butler

Tips for Sean Spicer

Uh, Sean?

I think you need a bit of an education … on the Holocaust. You know: the one whose “centers” you pointed to in your misguided attempt to paint Adolf Hitler as someone better than Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. To help counter your ignorance, here’s the link to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s website, which should provide all you need to know about the genocide of the Jews during the Nazi era.

And you do need to know a lot. A helluva lot.

Like the fact that Jews were sent to “showers” that dished out Zyklon B gas. Yes, gas. They were murdered by this stuff. They were murdered by Hitler’s soldiers. They were murdered by the Nazi regime.

Your misconception, which you previously expressed publicly in an effort to highlight al-Assad’s tyranny, that Hitler didn’t even stoop to gas his own people is scarily anti-Semitic in its denial of the facts. For reference, and to provide further elucidation, you might want to check out some of the interviews on the museum’s site … perhaps even the one that I conducted with two Auschwitz survivors a long, long time ago. These pieces of history will help speak to your lack of knowledge in this area. They’ll fill in the blanks.

You desperately need those blanks filled in.

I hope you learn more about this subject. I know you apologized, but that’s not enough. An apology’s only as good as the effort made to prevent the need for it in the future. Do you expect to make any further gaffes of this nature? As the mouthpiece for U.S. President Donald Trump, I’m inclined you—and your boss—might. You’ve already done quite a bit of those in the past. Plus, in this case, former behavior is a strong indicator of sloppiness going forward.

A little exploration of the USHMM’s website might correct that.

So I urge you to delve deeply into the content on it. Check it out. Read … much. You’ll only get a better grasp of what my people went through during the Holocaust — and what Syria’s are going through now. It couldn’t hurt. It can only help.

Help, for you, is a necessity. Taking it when you can?

A mandate.

Do it.

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Simon Hardy Butler is a writer and editor living in New York City. He has written for publications ranging from Zagat to Adweek and has interviewed innumerable people—including two Auschwitz survivors whose story may be heard at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s website. His views and opinions are his own.
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