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Tips To Maintain And Improve Your Macbook Usage

Some Israeli Mac experts present basic and advanced ideas on getting the most from your machine
Macbook (photo credit: Sophie Gordon/Flash90)
Macbook (photo credit: Sophie Gordon/Flash90)

This post was written with the help of Piers and Steven, Co-Founders at Nifty MiniDrive. After a spinning success with their product I consider them quite the Macbook Experts.


When you decide to become a Mac owner, you’ve made an investment in an excellent piece of hardware. However, it’s important to keep your software running up to par so that your device lasts as long as possible. Just like you would with any other piece of high-end machinery, such as a car, you should regularly take steps to improve your Mac to ensure it consistently runs at its best.

Here are some tips for improving your Mac performance so your computer stays at its best as long as possible.


Keep your Mac updated.


Your Mac probably gives you polite, timely reminders when it’s time for an update. Unfortunately, many people choose not to update their software because they are in the middle of something or think it isn’t important. However, keeping your Mac software up to date is one of the most important ways to ensure everything continues running at its prime.

Consider it a Mac oil tune up that is necessary to keep your software gears running! If you choose to opt out of the regular reminders, set a manual reminder on your calendar so you don’t forget. Whatever you do, keep your Mac updated.


Find out what’s really bogging down your computer.

If you have an iPhone, you probably regularly exit out of backup applications to keep your battery and device happy. However, many of us don’t consider the startup applications on our Mac that are slowing down the computer.

To find out what is automatically booting up on your Mac, go to System Preferences, locate any background applications, and exit out of any unnecessary applications.

Clean up your desktop and downloads.

You’ve probably heard it before, but storing tons of files and folders on your desktop makes your computer work harder. Why? Your computer must constantly keep these files and folders in the forefront of its memory instead of storing them in the back to pull out later. Think of your computer desktop like your physical desktop in your office – you wouldn’t leave files laying around that you never use, would you?

Of course not! So clean up your desktop and put anything you don’t use frequently away. Additionally, empty out your mail downloads and internet downloads folder frequently to free up space. Consistently cleaning up your computer and emptying your trash will keep memory free so your computer can run quickly and smoothly.


Back it up.

There is seriously, utterly no worse feeling than having your computer crash and losing all of your files, photos, or music, or running out of space in the middle of a huge project. Be prepared in case this happens by backing up your computer with your built-in Time Machine or using a cloud storage system like DropBox.

Many will prefer using a mini drive that will not rely on internet access and they can carry anywhere.


Next time you feel your computer is getting old and worn down, simply use these tips to improve your Mac and feel like you just walked out of the Apple store with a fresh device. Do you have any tips to share? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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