Tired Apologists

Prominent journalists and national community leaders are the latest anti-Israel bedfellows.

Certain Jewish communal leaders who see their role as apologists for the current Administration’s reversal on Iran are being quoted and used by long time media voices critical of Israel as ‘look even Israel’s Jewish friends in America are distancing themselves from Bibi’. It is being an apologist to the second power.

Exhibit 1 is Roger Cohen’s Op-Ed in the NY Times transposing Bibi’s ‘tired Iranian lines’ and morphing it back to Israel’s so-called inability to solve the Palestinian problem. Cohen ushers in quotes of certain Jewish leaders as marionette puppets to articulate his blatant disregard for Israel’s primal safety.

Agree with Bibi’s Iran assertions or not, much of the anti-Israel rhetoric is that his oft repeated red line is all bluster and counterproductive to truly lasting peace in Israel and ‘Palestine’ ergo the Middle East and the world.

Yet what of President Obama’s oft repeated red line were the Syrian’s to use chemical warfare?
Publicly heard around the world and with its citizenry continuing to be killed by the tens of thousands, Obama’s Syria rhetoric turned to bluster the very words Cohen sardonically heaves at Bibi.

Fair pundits have equated the Iran Israel threat as the Cuban missile crisis.

Open-eyed Americans have likened Israel’s barrier wall identical to the thousand mile barrier wall built along our Mexican border to prevent undesirables from entering our cherished land. And to doubly protect us Congress strengthened the US Border patrol with thousands of additional agents.

One needn’t even ask the question what America would do were Mexico on the verge of building a nuclear arsenal. These first rate critics of Israel would ensure their children would have the finest gas masks and opine, no scream, to the President to protect our citizens at all cost. After all the democracy is at stake.

A few days ago, a lone woman attempting to drive her car past White House security barricades brought out hundreds of Secret Service, police, SWAT and bomb squad in Washington DC and her home town in Connecticut. Images of heroic police officers getting between her moving car and the White House have been seen the world over. An officer prepared to give his life to protect the President is their call of duty.

Punditry has to rank as one of the best jobs. Sit back and be critical of governments, leaders, policies.

A truly elected democratic leader prepared to give his life for his country is his call of duty.

Thankfully Bibi Netanyahu is not tired and stands at the ready in front of a nuclear capable Iran to protect his eight million children.


About the Author
David Mandel is Chief Executive Officer of OHEL Children's Home and Family Services in New York