To be cautious

If someone held a gun to your head and asked you to select between Iran with chemical weapons and intent on building a nuclear weapon and al-Qaeda with chemical weapons, which one would you select as your roommate knowing both will try to kill you the first chance they get.

Before you answer, there is a caveat.

If you attack Iran, you would face the wrath of the international community as an UN-card touting country with all the accoutrements of the legitimacy of a state and support from Russia, but if you attack al-Qaeda, many countries would sit it out in silence, including Russia, and the UN cannot come to al-Qaeda’s aid as a legitimate entity.

The most cautious of people need to stop and think next time they feel compelled to choose Assad over al-Qaeda even if the certainty al-Qaeda will control Syria is beyond any doubt, which is not.

It is hard to play the odds with the lives of our children; however, in this instance, the odds are against Assad and Iran under the worst of circumstances.

Happy Rosh Hashanah