Rachelli Prawer
More in love with my land and my people every day

To the woke West

To the woke West,

The gulf between us is widening.

I believe in love. You embrace hate.

I believe in good and evil. You believe in “context”.

I believe in a moral code that binds. You believe that some ends can be justified “by any means necessary”.

You believe in (selective) rights. I believe in obligations.

You luxuriate in victimhood. My People refuse to accept its dead weight.

You fear microaggressions. I experience macroaggressions, but do not fear.

Your safe space has fluffy toys and protects you from words. Mine is made of reinforced concrete and protects me and my family from rockets.

You are cynical about the future. I believe in hope.

And because of this: in the end, like all the haters before you, you and yours will disappear. You will be a mere footnote in the pages of history.

And me and my People will live.

About the Author
Rachelli is a doctor and currently works as a freelance medical writer. She moved to Israel from Australia 7 years ago, and currently lives in the beautiful Judean hills of Gush Etzion with her husband and 3 children.
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