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Iraqi protester

The Middle East is a very complex and conflicted area and its people are misunderstood. In particular, political instability has been an issue in Iraq since the overthrowing of the monarchy in ’58 and its replacement, the Ba’ath Party. In a bloodless coup Iraq regained stability with its oil reserves second in the world to Saudi Arabia, and was able to form one of the best-equipped armed forces in the Arab world. When the party was succeeded by Saddam Hussein Iraq dove into disastrous military adventures with the Iran-Iraq and Persian Gulf wars which left the country completely isolated from the international community. After the Islamic revolution in Iran, neighboring Iraq under the instruction of Saddam had launched an invasion over border disputes and a desire to gain control over oil-rich areas in Iran. The conflict ended in stalemate and essentially left Iraq in the hands of the Ayatollah.

When we think of the Middle East we think of war and terrorism and we interpret only what is convenient for us. So few of us care to understand the Middle East but so many of us like to pretend that we do. I have spent quite a large amount of time hating Arabs for the religion they follow and the countries that they live in, though I’ve grown to realize that life is too short to spend it spiting them. I have learned that Arabs are also a strong, stubborn, and proud people just like Jews and many other Zionists; but I have experienced first hand how kind and friendly Arabs can be, I have made friends from countries stretching across Yemen and Saudi Arabia to Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq. For being from such a complicated place, Arabs are a very simple people: if you respect them, take time to get to know them and speak with them on a humanly level it will be reciprocated by more than you’d think.

The last few weeks have left Iraqis on high alert after the slaughter of at least 600 protesters, and more recently with the tensions between Iran and the US over the attack on the American embassy and the killing of Iranian Qud’s General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad.

Iraqis took to the streets in October 2019 to protest unemployment and an inefficient and corrupt government and its public services. They are not only up against their own government but Iran’s and their proxies as well. The Iraqi people wish no longer to live in such a country where its leaders are more loyal to Iran than them and they are tired of the suffering at no fault of their own. These protesters are fighting for the quality of life that Iran allows their leaders but denies them to enjoy.

Iraqis, and others like the Lebanese, Palestinians in Gaza, Syrians, and Yemenis are caught in the crossfires of every possible war with Iran. It is inevitable that Iranian proxies will be involved and civilians will be injured or even killed. Its been happening for months with the protests in Iraq and Lebanon, and in the past to those in Gaza and the PA.

Iran controls entire nations and as they swallow up the region, their only goal is to instigate conflict and to spill blood. For example: they put Arab lives on the front lines of their war with Israel because they are too cowardice to fight themselves. They don’t want their own militants to die, they don’t want their military to be proven weak, and they don’t want their regime to crumble, so they parade Arabs to their death simply because they believe Arab blood is cheaper than theirs. They are stirring up antisemitism within the Arab world where hostility towards Jews already exists, which is resulting in violence, and because Jews are too busy fighting Arabs and Arabs are too busy fighting Jews no one can see through the blood that Iran is behind it. It has been the same for the suffering of those in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. Iran wishes to expand and grow and in doing so they radicalize your Arab brothers to use as pawns and weapons against a common enemy. Iran doesn’t care about Arab lives unless they fall in a war with Israel or the west and can exploit your deaths in the media like they do to the Palestinians.

I was inspired to post this blog by a new Instagram follower of mine who is partaking in the protests and fighting to take Iraq back. I want to honor him as a hero. I dream that with the fall of the Iranian regime and its proxies, the Middle East in its entirety will be prosperous. I open my heart to the Arabs, Iraqis especially, because I have seen your suffering throughout the years. Within the Iraqi people is an unbroken spirit yearning for life no matter the dangers you face. It is brave that you take a stand for yourself, your family, your friends, your people and your nation and fight for your future. I salute you. Myself and many other Zionists and Americans like me are supporting you. We wish for your success and we pray for your safety. Continue to fight for your basic human rights and don’t give up until you get them. Demand that your leaders care about Iraq, that they are loyal to the Iraqi people. Remain strong and face them with fire in your eyes, not tears. Iran and their puppets can only control you if you allow it.

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