Today is the echo of footsteps you thought you heard in the hall.
Today is waiting, not knowing.
Today is agony.
Today is grief and disbelief.
Today is wanting explanations, wanting answers.
Today is waiting forever.
Today is the faces you will only see again in your dreams.
Today is breaking down when you think no one else can see.
Today is voices laughing, praying, saying nothing in particular.
Today is the fading glimpse of an expression, a smile, a sparkle.
Today is memories you struggle to hold on to.
Today is wanting to say goodbye, to say thank you.
Today is longing for another chance.
Today is appreciation you never realized.
Today is admiration, solemn pride.
Today is determination, never to forget.
Today is steeled resolution, to carry on.
Today is marching proud, though your knees buckle with each step.
Today is marching alongside them in your mind.
Today is seizing the chance they gave you.
For a better future.
For Tomorrow.

Dedicated to the fallen of Netzach Yehuda (Battalion 97), and the many names added to that list in the past year. Thank you. We remember you. May your memories be a blessing, and may your families know comfort.

Yuval Moryosef
Yosef Cohen
Eliyahu Biton
Adiel Coleman
Yosef Amichai

About the Author
My name is Kovi Skier. I was raised in a small Ultra-Orthodox community in Milwaukee, and made Aliya at the age of 18. I volunteered in the IDF and continue to serve in the reserves. Today I work and research in the field of law, while enthusiastically pursuing my hobbies of historical and political research and discourse. I am a husband and father of two. I see it as my civic duty to strengthen and contribute to my society in any way that I can.