Tolerating London’s ‘Palestinian embassy’? That’s winking at terrorism advocacy!

A Palestinian group, basking in a sea of British tolerance, is officially condoning terrorism. This Palestinian group — in the heart of Great Britain — in effect passes itself off as an embassy, in the sense that the head of the group titles himself an “ambassador”. The group gets treated like an embassy, as well, in more ways that one, see below. It is high time for civilized society in the UK to decide not to put up this this, any longer. This is a fortiori the case regarding British Jewish community chieftains who should have been up in arms long ago if they knew what was good for them.

The group, whose official title is “Palestinian Mission UK”, distributed a few days ago, by email, a message which urges “Solidarity and resistance until a sovereign Palestine takes its place among all free nations”. This from a group which enjoys official recognition by the British Foreign Office. The message is available on the “Palestinian Mission UK” website as well. Now what does this message mean? “Solidarity” and “resistance” are being advocated – so, one thing that this official message from the “Palestinian Mission UK” advocates is “solidarity” with Palestinian beliefs. This is well and good and a time-honored democratic privilege in keeping with the principle of free speech. Mind you, the undersigned does not share the beliefs being advocated by this group in any way shape or form.

What else however is this official message from the “Palestinian Mission UK” advocating? “Resistance” (sic) — until such time as sundry political demands are met. This is the problem — in view of the very clear meaning of “resistance”, in the Palestinian context.

Hint: Fill in the missing letter, here: T E _ _ O _ ISM.

Now, the term “resistance” does have several different meanings and they are context dependent. For example, in the study of electricity, roughly speaking and in layman’s terms, “resistance” refers to the extent to which a conductor impedes flow of an electric current. In geology, “resistance” refers to how minerals “fight back” against erosive factors. In thermodynamics, “resistance” refers to heat transfer through a substance being hampered, and so forth.

Turning now to the Palestinian context. For those Brits who may be unfamiliar with the concept of “Palestinian resistance”, a concept which is well known even to preschoolers on both sides of the conflict here in the Middle East, you can easily google for “Palestinian resistance” and find on youtube a video report of a conference held on that very topic, “Palestinian resistance”, earlier this year. A written account of the same conference is available at

Simply put, the conference on “resistance” in the Palestinian context featured a parade of terrorist leaders — such as Hamas, Hezbollah and PFLP. Simply put, “Palestinian resistance” means terrorism. And as American Ambassador David Friedman said in one of his rare useful moments, terrorism is murder.

So, we are looking at a group of people active in the heart of the UK which is officially, openly and widely advocating terrorism using a notoriously well-known euphemism for same. This group, the “Palestinian Mission UK”, officially resides at 5 Galena Road, Hammersmith, London. it is not merely tolerated – it enjoys official recognition (albeit not at embassy-level, but this is no genuine impediment to its impact) by the Foreign Office. This “Palestinian Mission UK”’s leader was hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, public broadcaster James Harding (Director of News and Current Affairs at the BBC), and others. No-one made any fuss at all. British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, agreed to share a platform with the “Palestinian Mission UK” leader last year — as did Jeremy Corbyn at last year’s Labour Party Conference.

Might anyone like to speak up, perchance, before significant portions of Britain’s young people begin to receive the entirely wrong message of what is right and what is wrong, acceptable and unacceptable — from their elders? With deleterious effects on the safety of (inter alia) Jewish communities worldwide?

About the Author
Susie Dym is a London-born, English-speaking Israeli. By profession, she's a patent attorney in Israel’s private and defense industries. She also has over 20 years of experience in public affairs including introducing the Israeli parliament to the novel concept of achievement orientation by masterminding the Mattot Arim reports. She still serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, an Israeli NGO working toward peace-for-peace since 1992, and is well connected to Israeli public figures in government and media.
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