Top 10 Reasons to Marry a Sabra if you are an Oleh Chadash

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Many of the single Olim Chadashim I work with want to marry an Oleh Chadash like themselves. They believe that by marrying someone with a similar mind set will be a better fit for them.

This Yom Ha’Atzmaut I decided to share my thoughts about why Olim Chadashim may actually benefit from marrying a true Sabra (or at least someone who’s parents raised them in Israel).

Here is my top ten list for why an Oleh Chadash should consider marrying an Israeli:

10) To have someone who can yell at the Bezek, Hot, Golan, Orange guy in their native language and actually be taken seriously.
9) To balance out your overzealous idealism and give u a dose of reality.
8) So that you can save your vacation days to actually go on vacation, rather than always be traveling overseas to visit your relatives (that is not a vacation).
7) To give your kids local grandparents/ family.
6) So that you can have the luxury of going to your kids after work hours, school events and send the grandparents to get their dose of nachas for the daytime ones (so you don’t have to miss work all the time).
5) So that your kids don’t think that their grandparents live on Skype.
4) To combine the best that Israel and Chul has to offer.
3) To offer an Israeli an opportunity to get out of Israel every once in a while and not have to pay for accommodation.
2) To give your kids the best chance of developing two languages really well.
1) To give yourself the best chance to integrate into this crazy country of ours.

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About the Author
Micki Lavin-Pell is dedicated to helping Jewish people everywhere create healthy and successful relationships for more than 15 years. She's a Marriage and Family Therapist in Private practice. Micki, her husband and 3 children made aliyah from Melbourne, Australia in 2008. They had their first sabra in 2015.
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