Top 5 Reasons to Be Cautious of Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy has burst onto the scene of the US presidential primary elections, reinvigorating the race with his incredible eloquence, intelligence and hyper quick wittedness.

He is a political consultants’ dream. Youthfulness, vigour and a refreshing energy that has captured the media’s attention with wall to wall coverage. Vivek has the world’s attention. It’s the most unbelievable feat since Ross Perot burst into the 1992 presidential race scene with his catchphrase “My name’s Ross and I’m the Boss.”

First things first, this Jew cannot help but feel heartened to see non-white candidates make progress in seeking the highest office in the US.

But that’s about it for the good news….

I have worked on my fair share of political campaigns and my Spidey senses are tingling off the scale screaming ‘Danger Ahead!’ Here are 5 things to beware of.

  1. Beware the ‘Accidental Appearance’: I’m talking about sharing a platform or appearing on a podcast with easy to spot anti-Semites. These not too subtle winks of support to the far right or the far left were honed by both Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. Don’t ever buy the ‘I did not realise they were Holocaust deniers/Jews control the world freaks/Israel demonizers’ (delete as appropriate). Any self-respecting candidate’s office would weed these out very early on. If the meeting with the dubious scumbag happened, you can be sure it happened by design, not by accident.
  2. Beware the Anchorless Candidate: At first glance being unencumbered by a long political record may seem refreshing. But the early warning signs of what I call an Anchorless Candidate are very dangerous. Vivek is without clear principles, despite his stated ambition to shrink the government by 75%. He shifts his stance on critical issues like Israel, Ukraine, China and Russia daily, taking different sides of the same question on different days. The worst candidates become the worst politicians. Like a big fluffy pillow, they bear the imprint of the last person who sat on or interviewed them. All politicians do it to a certain extent, but with Vivek, it is systemic. It is a terrible sign of weakness that leads to erratic and dangerous decisions. Untrustworthy to say the least.
  3. Beware the I will/I won’t cut aid to Israel line: As exemplified by Donald Trump’s association with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and Kanye West, you can almost hear the conversation around Vivek’s strategic messaging sessions. Vivek strategists will have tried to mitigate his Indian heritage with the Republican party’s far rightward shift.  Cut aid to Israel they would have suggested. Only to roll back the policy the day after. Vivek’s willingness to pander to such elements for political gain is another warning sign.
  1. Beware the ‘I’ve got Jewish Friends’ rhetoric: Vivek’s use of stock phrases about having Jewish friends and visiting Israel raise alarm bells about his sincerity in supporting Israel and the legitimate interests of the worlds only Jewish state.
  2. Beware the ‘He will never win’ rhetoric. Where have we heard that before? The Proud Boys leaders just received 22 and 17 years respectively behind bars for their role in the 6th Jan Capital Hill Riots. March and April 2024 will see Donald Trump in daily court appearances. We face the prospect of Donald Trump running his campaign in custody. Literally anything can happen.

In the turbulent landscape of US politics with President Biden increasingly erratic, Vivek Ramaswamy’s rise is as undeniable as it is attractive. But as we navigate this unprecedented journey, we must remain vigilant and cautious.

Vivek likes to tell interviewers that his name Vivek is pronounced as rhyming with ‘Cake’. The thing is, it also rhymes with fake.

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