Top Must-Visit Destinations in the Middle East

The Middle East is a region rich in diverse history and culture that attracts visitors from all over the world. Each and every country in the Middle East has a great story to tell, not to mention Egypt at the top of the list. From Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, and Jerusalem in the east to Morocco in the west, Middle East Tours will never fail to wow you. Middle East Combined and Multi-country tours are the best choices for travellers from the United States, Canada, and Australia. Most visitors of the region prefer to indulge in the diversity of cultures of two or more countries in one combined trip mainly because of the long distance between those continents and the great experience that the Middle East countries can offer. It is recommended that you pick a well-known and trusted company while choosing your trip to the Middle East. Memphis Tours is a leading E-Tourism company that is operating in the region and has the best tailor-made multi-country tours. You can always enjoy being safe and well-guided through your entire trip with them.

What do the Middle East destinations offer? Untouched beauty, warm water, breath-taking mountain ranges, and rich history. We have dug deep to bring you the most amazing destinations in this part of the world.

Egypt, Jordan, and Jerusalem Tours

 If you are in search of cultural gems then this tour will offer you access to some spectacular destinations. Starting with Egypt, you are diving into a culture rich in history and filled with wonders. The pyramids from Egypt will not disappoint you, their beauty is even more astounding than you have seen online or on TV. If you are the cruise type of person, then during your tour in Egypt you should have a night cruise on the Nile River.

The next destination of the tour should be Jordan that is famous for the desert scenery and the ancient monuments tourists can visit. Here you will feel more than welcomed because the Bedouin culture is the base of the local hospitality. When in Jordan make sure you check the countryside, worthy for being a cinema movie landscape.

The last destination on your tour, Jerusalem will amaze you like no other city. Here you will get in touch with aspects that will seem both contradictory and contrasting. You have probably heard of the Jewish Sabbath, Jews celebrate around the world. If you have the opportunity to arrive in Jerusalem, make sure to have this experience while being here.

Dubai and Oman Tours

When thinking about Dubai people are usually imagining a life beyond the windows of skyscrapers. However, if you turn your eyes to the other side, you will discover that Dubai has a rich history. Dubai has one of the most impressive food scenes worldwide. Do not have the misconception that you will need to wear a Burkina just because you are in a Muslim country. You should dress as if you were at home. While here, you should check the Bastakiya district because it exceptionally preserved the original courtyard homes.

Oman may not be a destination that comes to your mind when planning Middle East tours but it is one of the hidden gems from this part of the world. While here, you will have no difficulties in keeping your smile on your face because the Omanis are considered some of the kindest people on Earth. After leaving the skyscrapers of Dubai, you can check the natural beauty of Oman. Make time to explore the mountains, they are spread across the country and they are hiding some dazzling wadis and caves.

Morocco and Tunisia Tours

Another great tour you should have at least once in a lifetime is one that includes two enjoyable destinations, Morocco and Tunisia. Starting with Morocco it is important to know from the beginning that it is a place of contrasts, from the busy Djemaa el-Fna Square to the majestic desert surrounding the High Atlas Mountains you can find countless reasons to visit it. The Red City of Marrakech should be on your list of places to visit while in Morocco because it is a fascinating spot in Africa.

If you are hungry for visiting a striking country Tunisia is hungry for receiving tourists. It is Africa’s smallest country but it has plenty to offer to tourists. Even if you may not expect to find Roman ruins so far away from Rome, here you can visit some of the loveliest ones. You will be amazed to see that here the ruins of ancient cities have been preserved in their complete form and they are better looking than the ones from Italy.

Morocco, Spain, and Portugal Tours

Morocco is the best starting point of many tours, and this is why we have included it in another tour you should have at least once in a lifetime. It abounds in cultures and it offers some of the most contrasting landscape you will be able to admire in your whole life. From Morocco you should head to Spain, because it is the country that can offer you everything you want in a single place. Its cuisine is worldwide famous, it has a rich history and it features some of the most incredible beaches and landscapes. Do you want more? Spain offers you the opportunity to explore its enchanting islands, Tenerife, Ibiza, Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands.

From Spain, you should continue your adventure in Portugal. Portugal is one of the destinations where luxury is affordable. In addition, if you need an extra reason then you should know that Lisbon is the second-oldest capital city in Europe, the first one being Athens. While in Portugal, make sure you taste the wine because it is no secret that in the Douro Valley you will find one of the most diverse collections of wines.

Are you wondering what destination to choose for your next vacation? Why choosing one destination when you can opt for a tour that will take you to some of the dreamiest places in the world?

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