Top secret: Has anyone in D.C. ever read “The Art of War”? Maybe they should.

Has anyone in the White House ever read “The Art of War” by Sun-tzu ?

“Though the enemy be stronger in numbers, we may prevent him from fighting. Scheme so as to discover his plans and the likelihood of their success.”

The other day the United States announced that it was training Iraqi and other fighters to re-take cities lost to ISIS/The Caliphate. The attack will take place in April or May. So much for the military wisdom of the most-quoted text on battles and victories yet written. The antics of the White House have so far proven confusing, spiteful, dangerous and inept. Add to this now the betrayal of the forces being trained by American advisors (some of whom may have originally taken the captured cities in the 2003-Iraq war). The Obama Administration purged the military of high -ranking experienced generals recently and is now indicting successful General Petraeus for alleged crimes. The anti-pickup campaign has destroyed numbers of Toyotas and the real weapons, Abrams tanks , armored vehicles and tons of M-16’s are not yet enumerated. Over 400 ground to air missiles are unaccounted for as well. As the Jihadists advance and add to their territory and other groups in Libya and Yemen pledge allegiance and swell the ranks, does anyone else sense a lack of any realism in DC?

While Egypt and Jordan continued heavy attacks on targets of genuine military value, not pickups and vegetable stands, the White House hosted a conference and hand-holding session to discuss how to get to the root of The Caliphate’s attraction and forceful growth: anger management. It seems according to “spokespersons” if we invest money into the root causes of the attraction of The Caliphate’s message, poverty and the lack of Sony PlayStations and smartphones, they will “start businesses” and become well-adjusted citizens. So far The Caliphate is in the black: funds roll in from sale of innocent children and women, alleged organ sales from harvesting (China is generally assumed to be heavily invested in this obscene practice) and energy sales from oil refineries (as yet not on the target list). Spread-sheeting expenditures for arms and ammunition, supplies etc. apparently nobody is broke among the “jobless 18 year-olds”. The White House’s blackmail campaign against PM Netanyahu, not so covert attempts to influence the coming Israeli elections. And the boycott by President, VP and Secretary of State Kerry of the invitation to PM Netanyahu by Speaker Boehner of the co-equal branch of Government (under the US Constitution) has made the entire mad scene even more frightening.

The President’s office has admitted that less than half of the daily security briefings are ever opened. The President learns about international and domestic news from television and interrupts his ESPN watching with occasional empty speeches before golf whenever he’ s on a speaking tour (usually in warmer places than DC). The people of Israel should be very glad their Prime Ministers forged peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. They should be also very, very glad that the new leader of India has opened up wider trade and defense relations with Israel. Israel needs dependable, truthful adult partners and regretfully the United States cannot supply these at the present time.

The grassroots support in the United States is growing in astronomical numbers and is being ignored by the current administration. We can only work hard and hope that those who are as yet unconvinced of the desperate battle being fought in the Near East will realize that it is is about to open up on multiple fronts, including here in America. The seeds have been sown and the crop is about to be reaped of violence towards the place where we live. We will soon have our own fights with Caliphate Jihadists.

May we look to Israel for an example of how to deal with minds that think only of conquest, submission and brutal execution of those who do not submit. The Caliphate and its adherents follow two tracks: one from al-Baghdadi and one from a Mahdi-to-be-named- later in Iran. Two paths to the same goal: total domination and conquest of the world. There is no time to waste on jobs programs, anger management or group therapy for Jihadists. Only force can stop this tsunami of blood. The United States does not have the willpower to do this right now. Firm and quick responses to the atrocities that flow on a daily basis from these vicious and fully committed warriors is the only real deterrent to the spread of their brutal and merciless regime. We are looking to Israel for real leadership, we can be sure they will not tell the enemy of their plans so they can prepare. I’m sure most of the Israeli Leadership have read Sun-tzu, I sure plan to.

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