Top Ten Predictions after Charlie Hebdo

1. In a few years someone will write an opera romanticizing the terrorists, featuring a chorus that airs their grievances.

2. Absolutely no one will relate this to the attack on the Munich Olympics or credit the Palestinians for inventing this kind of terrorism.

3. Conspiracy theorists will say that Israel was behind it to support Netanyahu’s warnings about radical Islam.

4. Other conspiracy theorists will blame the US saying the FBI wanted to taint the jury pool in the Boston bombing case.

5. More European countries will officially recognize a Palestinian State, still thinking this insulates them.

6. The European Parliament will object to any sanctions against the organization that funded the terrorists, citing “collective punishment”.

7. Sweets will be handed out in the streets of Gaza.

8. Someone in Ramallah will make a pile of money selling “Don’t Mess With Mo” tee shirts in English and Arabic, and someone in Beirut will counterfeit them.

9. New York Police will send units to protect La Grenouille.

10. The Jews will get the overall blame.

About the Author
Bennett M. Epstein is a criminal lawyer in New York